Torkildsen, Harmon Are Speed Demons

Boys will be boys, even when they’re grown-up daytime faves. When THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Justin Torkildsen and Winsor Harmon (Rick and Thorne) need to let off steam, they hit the racetrack with their “go-karts.”

“It’s not what you think, like mini-golf,” Torkildsen quickly points out. “It’s the closest thing to Formula One racing. Your ass is a few inches off the ground and you’re going 100 to 110 miles an hour. It’s awesome. We don’t really race. We just go for fun.”

Of course, after saying that, Torkildsen turns to Harmon and warns, “I just got a brand-new go-kart. Just as fancy as yours. I’m going to be on your heels, girl!”

Torkildsen can clearly talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk — until he gets his ride adjusted, that is. “I don’t fit in the seat,” he laughs. “They took the mold for my backside when I was in Italy. I hadn’t eaten for two weeks because I was traveling. I’ll have to fix that.”

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