Todd Time

Newspaperman, action hero, rapist, devoted father…OLTL’s complex Todd Manning has been confusing the people of Llanview for over a decade. Here’s a look at the many crimes and misdemeanors — and occasional good deeds — of this troubled man.1993
Todd (played by Roger Howarth) appeared on the Llanview scene in one of the most explosive ONE LIFE TO LIVE stories to date: he led a gang rape (with Zach and Powell) of Marty at the Llanview University Spring Fling. Evidence of Todd’s history of rape emerged and he was sentenced to jail. Todd escaped and stalked and attacked his former attorney Nora.
Obsessed with getting revenge on Marty, Todd accidentally killed her boyfriend Suede. He fled, taking Rebecca hostage, and was presumed dead after a struggle with Bo. Todd survived and hid out until he was caught and sent back to jail. In the midst of another daring escape, Todd rescued Marty, C.J. and Jessica from a car crash and was granted a pardon. Although freed, Todd was still the main suspect when a serial rapist hit town, until his old friend Powell was exposed as the deranged villain. Todd discovered he was the missing Lord heir and inherited $30 million.1995
Blair tricked millionaire Todd into marrying her by claiming to be pregnant. Todd used his inheritance to buy The Intruder from Dorian and renamed it The Sun.Todd learned of Blair’s deception, came close to raping her in anger, and filed for divorce. Todd and Blair remarried. Todd went to Ireland to search for the missing Marty and was mistaken for Patrick, shot and left for dead. 1996
Todd survived and returned to Llanview months later to witness Blair and Patrick making love. He revealed himself to an overjoyed Blair, but refused to forgive her. He kidnapped his baby daughter Starr (born while he was missing in Ireland) but soon returned her to Blair. They considered reconciling, but when Todd found out she was pregnant with Patrick’s child (which she later miscarried) all bets were off and they divorced.1997
Todd and Blair began an extended custody battle for Starr. When Starr was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, Todd and Blair pretended to reconcile to make it easier for her to get a bone marrow donor. Todd bombed Guy Armitage’s yacht, accidentally killing Guy, and framed Patrick for the murder. Todd divorced Blair and paid his attorney, Téa, to marry him to win sole custody of Starr.

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