Taylor Made?

Now that Beth Ehlers has joined AMC as Taylor Thompson, an Iraq war vet slated for romance with Ricky Paull Goldin‘s Jake, it’s time for a stroll with Digest through Jake’s romantic past. Here are the other gals who’ve caught his eye.Emily Ann Sago: Jake, then called Joey, fell in love with Emily Ann when they were teens. They eloped in 1990, but Emily Ann’s mental state grew increasingly fragile as she reeled from the discovery of her true parentage as well as a miscarriage. She also became convinced that Joey was cheating on her with Katie Kennicott (he wasn’t). Emily Ann ended up being sent to a mental institution; the marriage was over.Liza Colby: Jake and Liza met outside of Pine Valley in 1996 and enjoyed a fling, which she ended after realizing that Jake was the little brother of her ex, Tad. Jake’s feelings for Liza transitioned into friendship and when Ms. Colby asked him to donate his sperm to her, he agreed. Jake intended to relinquish his parental rights, but when Liza reconciled with dastardly hubby Adam, Jake decided to sue for custody of her little girl, Colby. What Jake didn’t know at the time was that Adam had swapped sperm samples and was actually Colby’s biological father.Allie Doyle: After Liza dumped him, Jake took up with hospital co-worker Allie. The spoiler in their romance was her ex, David Hayward — oh, yeah, and the fact that she had fed him lies about her past.Gillian Andrassy: Jake got involved with Gillian in the wake of her split from Ryan. They married, but unbeknownst to Jake, Gillian had uncovered the truth about Colby’s paternity. When Jake found out what Gillian had been hiding, divorce was inevitable. They finalized the union’s dissolution in 2001.Greenlee Smythe: In 2001, Jake courted Greenlee, who still pined for ex-beau Leo. Their hot-and-heavy romance went cold when she got back together with Leo.Mia Saunders: Jake set his sights on Liza’s half sister, Mia, and by 2002, they were engaged. But in 2003, sulky over the hours Mia was logging at start-up cosmetics company Fusion, Jake strayed with hospital colleague Alison. He and Mia agreed to go their separate ways.Carolyn Finn: Jake joined Doctors Without Borders in Kenya in 2003. Through work, he met Doc Carolyn; they quickly got engaged and wed off-screen, though the precise nature of the marriage’s end has not yet been revealed.

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