Tammy Tell Me True

Soap Opera Weekly: Tammy’s been MIA lately. Where did she disappear to?

Stephanie Gatschet: That’s a good question (laughs). I’ve been on the back burner, but starting this month and through the rest of the summer I am there. Tammy’s back!Weekly: What have you been doing to fill the downtime?

Gatschet: I’ve been traveling back and forth a lot between New York, where I’ve been living for work, and Philadelphia, where my family and boyfriend are. I’ve also been doing some work in my personal manager’s office to get an idea as to how the business side of the business operates.Weekly: How has Tammy changed since you took over the role?

Gatschet: She grew up, literally. And she started to become more of her own person.Weekly: Will she ever accept Edmund in her mother’s life?

Gatschet: Personally, I hope so. I think they’re so cute. I love to sneak on-set to watch [Laura Wright
and David Andrew Macdonald, Cassie and Edmund] do their kissy scenes, because I think it’s adorable. I told Laura that I’m rooting for them all the way. But Tammy has her reservations about it. There’s a lot of negative history between Cassie and Edmund, and I’m not sure that Tammy believes he can change that quickly.Weekly: What does Tammy think of Jeffrey?

Gatschet: I don’t think she knows what to think. [So far] they’ve only had one run-in and it was completely strange and ridiculous. It’s like, “Daddy’s back from the dead. Oh no, that’s Jeffrey.”Weekly: Who do you want Tammy paired with romantically?

Gatschet: Tony, just because he’s so hot. Who wouldn’t want to be with Tony? He’s definitely the Springfield hunk. But I don’t think Marah would appreciate that.Weekly: Are you and Laura close?

Gatschet: Oh, yeah. I love her. She treats me like I’m her kid in real life, even though we’re more like sisters. I love her to death.

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