Tammin Sursok's Five Greatest Y&R Moments

Although she’s barely been part of YOUNG AND RESTLESS fold for two years, actress Tammin Sursok has amassed some memorable moments during her tenure as Colleen Cecile Carlton. First and foremost, she’s had to adjust to the American celebrity experience, having started her career in her native Australia. Sursok recalls her top five memories since joining the show.WELCOME TO AMERICA
“I’ll always remember my first episode, because it was very new to me. I had been doing TV in Australia for seven years. You think it’s exactly the same thing, no matter where you are in the world, and it has some similarities, but all in all, it’s a very different thing to work in the States. Everyone was just very professional on-set, and it was definitely a different feeling working here. I really felt like I had accomplished something after my first day.”

“I was filming the movie SPECTACULAR! in Australia last May [2008] and doing YOUNG AND RESTLESS. I was playing two different characters at the same time, so I had to travel back and forth to Los Angeles. It really made me appreciate coming home and being able to be Colleen; then, leaving and being someone else. It was one of the best times in my life. I was able to do Y&R and something else at the same time, and I put a lot of effort into coming back and doing great work. I remember being on an airplane and learning my lines for Y&R. I had a rabbi next to me on the plane and asked him if he would run my lines with me. I would go through the turbulence holding his hand, while he was running Brad’s lines and I was Colleen.”

“All the stuff with Daniel [Michael Graziadei] was memorable. I hadn’t had to do anything too sexy before that. There was one scene where I had to take my clothes off and we had to kiss extremely passionately. We ended up knocking into each other really hard. It was hilarious. I might have even been bleeding. We joked and laughed about it afterward. It was interesting showing that sexier side of myself. You become very self-conscious when you’re doing those kinds of scenes. Then you realize [that] when they say action and the cameras start, you might as well just go full speed ahead into your love scene.”
“Going to the Emmys [in 2008] was a huge thing for me. I’d never been to an American award show before. I brought my parents with me. It was an extremely thrilling and exciting experience, and made me really grateful to be part of such a good show. The Emmys were different from any event I’d ever been to in Australia. You know less people at events in America. The industry in Australia is so small that you’ve met pretty much everybody, or you’ve worked with everybody. So you feel more of a friendship vibe with everyone at events. The Emmys in the States just seemed a lot bigger and definitely glossier.”

Don [Diamont, ex-Brad]leaving was a huge thing for me. I got to really go there emotionally when Brad died. A lot came out of my character when she lost her father. It was tough to keep repeating those emotions in every scene, but it felt very fulfilling at the end of it. Don’s leaving also really showed me how close everyone is on YOUNG AND RESTLESS. It made me appreciate being part of a show that had been around for so long. It really felt like being part of a second family, and that was a great moment.”