Take Five with Jerry verDorn

We recently caught up with ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Jerry verDorn, whose storyline as Clint is heating up.Soap Opera Weekly: How was your summer?

Jerry verDorn: Oh, it was terrific. I did a lot of kayaking and biking, and dropped 15 pounds, like I do every summer.

Weekly: Well, that’s great!

verDorn: It’s been a good summer; my sons have been around and they’re gainfully employed, so that’s good.

Weekly: Have they both graduated from college?

verDorn: I’m out from under that now. It was a long six years, I tell you. For two years, they were both there at once, and then my older one got a master’s that he borrowed and paid for.

Weekly: How is Clint enjoying the fact that he is going to be a grandfather again?

verDorn: It’s going to happen soon, but the circumstances are not too good for him once he finds out. But I haven’t even seen scripts [for that reveal]; that’s down the road, I guess. Somebody is not going to be happy.

Weekly: Since we love Brody, we hope Brody will be the father of at least one, preferably Jessica’s.

verDorn: Yeah, that would be nice. He’s cursed with these two daughters [laughs]!