Student Life, Extra: Maeve Quinlan

Soap Opera Digest: What kind of grades did you get?
Maeve Quinlan: I was an honor roll student.Digest: Did you have to combat the reputation of an older sibling?
Quinlan: No. My oldest brother was sent to a Jesuit boarding school and my other brother got a little bit of a break and went to a Catholic boys private school. By the time it was my turn to go to high school, my parents were a little more lax and I got to choose, so I went to public school. Thank God.Digest: What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
Quinlan: There were two, actually, and they happened on the same day. A bunch of my friends went up to Wisconsin to go skiing, but I had never been on a pair of skis before in my life. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to go, and how hard would it be, anyway? Well, first I grabbed the rope tow wrong and it burned my hands. I let go, fell down and knocked everyone down behind me. Then, I refused to take a lesson on the bunny hill and went straight up to one of the slopes. I started down and I didn’t know you were supposed to ski back and forth across the slope; I went straight down and gained a lot of speed. I was going so fast and I couldn’t stop when I got to the bottom of the hill. I ended up wiping [out] and being mortified.Digest: What was your bedroom like when you were a teenager?
Quinlan: It was very girly, but also very messy; clothes all over the floor and I was always getting into trouble for that. I had twin beds, blue floral wallpaper and a Chris Evert poster. There was also a lot of curling irons and hair paraphernalia.Digest: Do you have any regrets about high school?
Quinlan: No. It was one of the favorite times of my life. I wouldn’t change anything. Even the part about being a total prude.Digest: Have you gone to a class reunion?
Quinlan: I moved out to L.A. and they couldn’t find me, so I missed my first one. I do want to go to the next one, so I’ll keep on top of that.

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