Shocking New Chapter In Lucci Tome

On September 13, Susan Lucci's (Erica, AMC) best-selling memoir, All My Life, will be released in paperback — and the new version of contains an emotional chapter from the actress on the subject of AMC's cancellation. In the fascinating addition, written before Prospect Park announced its plans to continue AMC on the Internet, Lucci reveals how she found out that Brian Frons was poised to make the announcement heard 'round the soap world and vents her anger and frustration with what she views as a series of bad decisions made by Frons that squandered the daytime institution she'd called home since 1970. "There's little doubt in my mind that this plan must have been in place for some time," she writes. "One big question that keeps me up at nights is, Did Brian Frons have this on his agenda when he moved the show to L.A.?" For AMC fans (especially those who resented the much-maligned head-writing tenure of Chuck Pratt, about whom Lucci lets loose for the first time: "If Chuck Pratt's intention was to come on board and mess with the history and integrity of our show, I believe he was successful in his efforts."), it's a can't-miss read.

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