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ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Bess hits the road this week, and it’s not the first time Jessica has skipped town. In fact, several Llanview ladies have left their troubles behind by finding new drama (and love, of course) in a new town.Becky Lee Abbott

While on a plane to Arizona in 1984, Asa and wife Becky Lee hit a storm and had to parachute to the ground. Becky Lee disappeared, but it turned out that she had amnesia. Calling herself Maria Hathaway, she took a job as a waitress in a New Mexico tavern. She struck up a close friendship with short-order cook Jesse Wilde, and the two headed to his hometown of Avery, TN, to help his family run their own tavern. While Asa grieved back at home for his missing wife, “Maria” was falling in love with Jesse. When he figured out who she really was, he selflessly reunited her with Asa. Seeing her baby boy Drew jarred her memory, and while she was torn between Asa and Jesse, she ultimately chose the latter and moved back to Tennessee with Drew.

Marty Saybrooke

When Marty traveled to the remote Irish isle of Inishcrag in 1995 to confront her Aunt Kiki, who’s been squandering Marty’s inheritance, she found a pleasant surprise in the form of a rugged stranger named Patrick Thornhart. Trying to avoid being seen by the dangerous Men of 21, he turned to kiss her in a pub and she went right along with the ruse. After they escaped captivity by the terrorists, they became stranded on the isle due to a storm and spent one magical evening together before she headed back to Llanview. Patrick would later follow and they’d have a romance with many ups and downs, ending in his off-screen death a few years ago.Jessica Buchanan a.k.a. Tess

In 2005, Jessica’s subconscious splintered into alter Tess, who kicked off a rowdy run of sex and partying in New York. She met future husband Nash in the Hamptons that July, and while they clashed at first, they enjoyed a summer of love. When he spotted the words, “To Jessica, Love Antonio” on her bracelet, she lied that Jessica was her dead twin sister. While staying at his place in Manhattan, she applied for a job at a fashion house using Jessica’s name but her cover was blown when Layla showed up on behalf of a heartbroken Antonio. When Antonio tracked down Tess, Jessica reemerged and went home to Llanview … Nash tailed her shortly after.Victoria Lord Davidson

In the wake of Asa’s death, Viki took her life in a whole new direction and hopped the next flight out of Llanview in 2007. A few months later, it was revealed that all those e-mails her children received from Viki in Paris were written from the Bon-Jour Caf in Paris, TX, where the newspaper heiress was living under the radar as a waitress. Her family’s drama, however, eventually caught up with her when Todd’s search for his son came to a standoff outside the diner, where Viki was held hostage by Marcie, who refused to give up Todd’s baby. But in the few months she was there, she found love with grifter “Charlie B.” and friendship with Gigi Morasco and her son, Shane, who turned out to be the offspring of Llanview’s Rex Balsom.

Starr Manning

Afraid of what her father would do to Cole if Todd found out that his teenage daughter was pregnant, Starr and Cole ran away to Virginia Beach, where they tried to create domestic bliss in a rented room on the boardwalk. Going by the names Mindy and Dan, they spent a couple weeks enjoying the sun and amusements while looking for restaurant jobs, but Todd and Blair caught up with them soon enough.

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