Q&A with McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PASSIONS)

Soap Opera Digest: What did you and your husband, Seven, do for your one-year anniversary in May?
McKenzie Westmore: We bought a house! Then, we had a nice, romantic dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray because it’s my favorite restaurant in the entire world.Digest: Have you settled into your house yet?
Westmore: We’re doing finishing touches. We should be settled in [very soon]. We had to add on a recording studio. We did construction on part of the house and it’s now a full working studio. It has a vocal booth, the control panels, and it’s soundproof. We’ve already had our first band at the house. They stayed in our guest house in the back. It’s this up-and-coming band for Madonna. She’s been hiring Seven and his guys [The Sun] and his production company, We Three Kings.Digest: Have you met Madonna?
Westmore: Not yet; soon, hopefully.

Digest: Are you singing in the studio?
Westmore: I will be. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to get into the studio and I’m going to do my own country music. That’s the direction I’m going in. After doing the Nashville Fan Fest the past two years, it’s just all made sense. I fell in love with country music. I love what it stands for. I love the people and everything about it. It’s so me and it made perfect sense.Digest: What unexpected challenges popped up in the first year of marriage?
Westmore: We suffered a miscarriage. We did not expect that. We thought for sure we’d be having a baby by now. That’s been hard. It’s really been hard for me, especially with my storyline. I take it day by day, and I’m still battling through it. Neither one of us realized how hard it would hit and how hard a miscarriage can be. Yes, [I was only pregnant for] three months, but because it didn’t get as far along as some women have gotten, you don’t think you’re going to get that attached in three months, but you do, no matter how far along you are. When you’re expecting it and you want it, you get attached. That was one of the roughest patches we ever had, but at the same time, probably one of the best things. I know it sounds weird, but it brought us so much closer together. He saw me in a different light, I saw him in a different light. We fought hard together and we were each other’s shoulder to cry on. There was some good that came out of it.Digest: Are you trying to have children now?
Westmore: We’re still taking a break, but especially the more I’m working with children now, and he visited the set and saw me with a toddler, we were like, “We’re ready. We want a child.”Digest: What are the best things about being married?
Westmore: Having my best friend by my side every day. Knowing I married my best friend. To have this partner in life to go through these challenges. I don’t have to go through these things alone. I have him there to laugh with, to cry with. It makes life so much more exciting for me now to know that there are so many more possibilities. We have so much fun together. I’ve never laughed so much in my life as I do now. I’ve never smiled as much as I do now. He’s completely changed my life, all for the better.Digest: After you eloped, you mentioned having a reception with friends and family. Have you done that yet?
Westmore: We’re still talking about it. We’re still trying. It’s so difficult because he has so many friends and so much family. People have been visiting slowly in shifts, but it’s difficult to plan something with everyone’s schedules. One of these days, we’ll do something.Digest: Who does the cooking?
Westmore: He is the most amazing chef. We have such an amazing kitchen now. When we have people over, the first thing he has to do is show people his griddle. We have these heat lamps to warm bread over the stove. I’ll do the salad, but I leave the main cooking for him.

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