Q&A with McKenzie Westmore and husband Seven

On the first time they met:
McKenzie Westmore: He looked me in the eyes the whole time when he talked to me. I said, “Next time you’re in town, I would love to see [your band, Seven and the Sun] play.” That was it. It was a short conversation. I went to my dressing room and couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was really ironic because that day, I had no dry blocking, I didn’t want to sleep and I didn’t bring my lunch with me. Normally, one of those three things happens. I was pacing back and forth in my room and hearing this voice going, “Go downstairs, go downstairs.” I went down to check my mailbox and he came out of the stage; I thought he had left. I was like, “Oh, you’re still here. I thought you had left.” And he’s like, “No, we were just thinking of a place to get some lunch. Have you eaten yet?” I said, “No, I haven’t. There’s a commissary over here.” So, we went over to the commissary and all I could eat was a little plate of fruit. [To Seven] You couldn’t eat either, I remember all you ate was a little plate of fruit. You were nervous, too.
Seven: I was. But all of a sudden, I was like, “I have to leave.” I had to get on a plane.
Westmore: He walked me back toward the stages and he said, “I don’t know when I’ll be back in L.A., but next time I’m here, let’s celebrate your birthday because I know it’s coming up.”A few days later, Seven e-mailed the actress and they soon began talking on the phone every day.
Seven: I was in Sacramento doing a show and they flew me to Los Angeles because we had some time off. They flew me in on her birthday.
Westmore: We went on a date to celebrate my birthday and then he met my entire family the next day.
Seven: They were so great. She picked me up from my hotel and I was so nervous; my best friend Walter and his girlfriend were there and they were so excited for me. I had just gotten off the plane and I was late, Walter’s girlfriend was already at the hotel. I was like, “Find something for me to wear because everything is wrinkled in this bag. She ironed my clothes for me and helped me out the door. I felt like they were my parents seeing me off for the prom.
Westmore: They were so cute. They came down and were like, “So, you’re McKenzie?” It was like meeting his mom and dad. It was hysterical.
Seven: I had made reservations at The Little Door [a restaurant in Los Angeles].
Westmore: That will forever be our place to go. But it was funny because neither of us even spoke for those first five or 10 minutes in the car.
Seven: We kept laughing and smiling.
Westmore: We almost got in a car accident because I just kept staring at him.
Seven: I was nervous because you’re hoping the magic is still going to be there when you see each other.
Westmore: We had the most amazing dinner and such a great night together. Then, the next day, we went to dinner with my parents and my sister and her husband and my brother.
Seven: It was like the inquisition.
Westmore: They fell in love with him immediately. And he even said to my mom —
Seven: I said, “I hope you know I’m going to marry your daughter.”
Westmore: She was like, “I’m going to hold you to it.”The day after attending the Daytime Emmys together, Seven spontaneously proposed. The next time they had time off together, they decided to go to Las Vegas.
Westmore: We went for a hike in Red Rock Canyon and we had so much fun together; it was like being with my best friend who I was absolutely madly in love with. That was the greatest feeling. I knew in my heart that he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Seven: We laughed a lot.
Westmore: We went to the courthouse and he goes to pull out a check to pay ’cause it’s $50.
Seven: No, I pulled out my credit card.
Westmore: [The lady at the courthouse] goes, “I’m sorry, we don’t take credit cards.” We go to pull out a check; she says, “I’m sorry, we don’t take checks; we only take cash.” We only had $41 on us!
Seven: I went outside to the ATM machine and it’s broken.
Westmore: I started to get a little nervous, thinking, “Is it not meant to be?” He was outside for a while, so I started up a conversation with the woman and she was so sweet. I told her how much we loved each other and about my family and chit-chat type stuff. She said, “You know what? You two seem like you really should be together and I can really tell by looking at you two that you really, truly are in love.” She pulled out her handbag and gave us the rest of the money. To this day, I will never forget that woman.
Seven: Do we have to give her a percentage of what we make now [laughs]? We should find her.
Westmore: As soon as we got out of there, there was a part of me that got scared that he’d back down or back away, even though we already [got the marriage license].
Seven: You walk outside [of the courthouse] and people meet you at the door and they’re like, “Come to my chapel, come to my chapel.” They solicit.
Westmore: I was like, “Okay, let’s go.”
Seven: This lady led us by hand across the street.
Westmore: It was actually a great church, the only problem was that they were just painting it, so it reeked. It was called Chapel of your Dreams.
Seven: Only the wall where they take your picture was white and everything else was patchy and horrible.
Westmore: The female pastor was so wonderful. The message that she gave to us about marriage and what we were doing by becoming one together was so beautiful. Without even knowing, we picked the best church.
Seven: I was moved by what she said.
Westmore: I was so moved. I was just about moved to tears by her words and her message to us. She really was wonderful.
Digest: Did you have wedding rings?
Westmore: We had gone to Third Street Promenade [in Santa Monica] to this Native American Indian store because we wanted to get something that was very nondescript; with him being an Atlantic Recording artist, he had to be the single rock ‘n’ roll star.
Seven: It was really a hard thing to keep it a secret [especially from our families because we’re so close to them]. We said, “You know what? We did this for us.” With my family being on the East Coast and her family being on the West Coast, it would’ve been so difficult. And me being on tour and her schedule…. Who knew when we were going to get five minutes together? We decided to do it for ourselves. We said, “Next year, this time, we’ll tell everybody we got engaged. Nobody ever has to know and then we’ll get married for everybody.” But we never got a chance because [the] Star [exposed our marriage].
Seven: I remember McKenzie calling me, “[The PASSIONS publicist] just called me and they know we’re married.”
Westmore: I was in tears. I was like, “Please don’t be mad at me.”
Seven: I was like, “I’m not mad at you. Relax. We just have to move to another country because my mother’s going to kill us.”
Westmore: I never lie. That’s not in me, but I knew that I had to do this for his family and it wasn’t just me anymore, it was the two of us. [The publicist said], “Either you come out with your own version of the story or the Star or Enquirer is going to come out with their own version of the story. It will come out at a time when you don’t want it to, so you better let everybody know.”Seven relocated to L.A., and the twosome got to know each other better.
Seven: Mac can’t cook.
Westmore: I can, I just choose not to.
Seven: I’m like, “So, what do you make?” She’s like, “Oatmeal and egg whites.” Then, I looked in the cabinets and there’s oatmeal and there’s eggs. She wasn’t kidding.
Digest: McKenzie is a super healthy eater; are you?
Seven: No way! I was before I went on the road, then when you’re on the road, you just eat whatever you can because you’re lucky enough to eat. I stopped working out.
Westmore: He’s gotten better. It’s back to the protein shakes, egg whites and oatmeal.
Seven: Still, I like to have a refrigerator that’s filled with stuff. Mac eats out all the time. That was interesting to get used to and then…
Westmore: The closet! That was the other thing. He’s almost been evicted twice.
Seven: I don’t mind doing my laundry and putting it in the dryer, just folding it is the problem [laughs].
Digest: Does it seem like you’ve been married for two years yet?
Seven: Sometimes I feel like we’ve been together 700 years. Other times I feel like we’re going on our first or second date.
Westmore: It’s a great feeling!

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