Prospect Park Amends Complaint Against ABC, Seeks Over $95 Million In Damages

Prospect Park today filed an amended complaint in its lawsuit against ABC, which was originally filed in April. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, the new papers allege that ABC "began unilaterally changing key storylines and themes, literally killing some OLTL characters and deeply integrating others into the GH landscape, all to create a mega soap of GH behind Prospect Park’s back." The suit alleges that ABC signed OLTL actors to long-term contracts without PP's knowledge to foil their future returns to OLTL and blocked cast members' appearances on its talk shows, and that these and other manipulations are responsible for PP sustaining "the loss of its investment of over $30 million, as well as the profits that it stood to make had ABC acted as the partner it had held itself out to be." The amended lawsuit seeks more than $95 million in damages for breach of contract and promissory fraud. Furthermore, PP claims that it should no longer have to pay licensing fees to ABC, but remains entitled to an extension of the license agreement. For the full details, click here.

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