Personal Journey

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In the News…
The $4 million Bible, March of the Penguins, Naomi Judd, the next King Tut and more!

Home and Family
Time And Again
Family rituals make spiritual ties that bind
Two Religions, One Heart
Surviving the pitfalls of interfaith marriage
Healing a Broken Heart
Soothing words for families in
Explaining Religion to Children
A parents’ guide to the big questions
It’s Not About The Presents
Advice on dealing with those Santa “issues”

Body, Mind and Spirit
The Spiritual Value of Alone Time
Wise tips on stopping the madness
Lady Luck
Holy inspiration! The art of weight loss
Food For Thought
Stress got you down? Try this diet
Finding The Courage To Give
A woman’s triumph over MS
Child’s Play
Are you ready for Peewee Pilates?

True Inspiration
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
How do we get past pain and anger?
Getting To The Church In Time
One More Day
Surviving the tsunami: a mother’s story

The Journey Beyond
Expanding Your Sixth Sense
Psychic tips from John Edward
In Touch With The Other Side
All-star encounters with the dead
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Meet the real-life ghost busters
Spell-ing Lessons
Practical “magic” can manifest your goals
Can Animals Predict Disaster?
Experts battle it out on a PBS special

Looking to God
All About Angels
What the Bible tells us might surprise you
Where Was God?
Finding the Almighty in the wake of 9/11
Step By Step
The spiritual side of Alcoholics Anonymous
In the Bosom of Abraham
Muslims, Jews and Christians unite onstage
Is Ours the True Religion?
A fresh look at the words of Jesus

World of Possibilities
The ABCs of spiritual scrapbooks
Spirituality…To Go
Hit the road and take Spirit with you
Fantastic Journeys
Sacred sites that’ll knock your socks off
While You Were Sleeping
How to remember your dreams
Sacred Ceremonies
Family lore meets ancient ritual


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