October 28, 2003

4:27 PM Runaway TotThe other day, our AMC reporter Mara was chatting away with Eva La Rue (Maria), who was experiencing an all-too-familiar problem: A late babysitter. Which meant that on the other end of the line was a surprise guest adding to the conversation — the actress’s two-year-old daughter, Kaya, gurgling away. “I have been in love with this little girl ever since I met her on the location shoot AMC did in the Bahamas in January,” Mara smiles. “Watching her interact with John [Callahan, Edmund, her dad] and Eva is so adorable — and I’m not usually a ‘baby person.’ I told Eva that people around my office were going to get suspicious because I could hear Kaya playing in the background and it was putting a dopey grin on my face that isn’t my usual interview demeanor. “And so, we now present an exclusive transcript excerpt Mara calls, “Actress Chases After Child”: Eva is being interviewed when she suddenly breaks off to say … “Hey, Kaya? Let€™s go play in the grass. Don’t go down that hill! Let€™s go play in the grass, come on! Kaya McKenna! Oh, you’re gonna be in a lot of twouble! [To Digest] We have a big, long driveway heading towards a major intersection — Baby, come here! Hold on a second while I go corral my child.”Presumably, she ended up getting a hold of the little one again — and the babysitter arrived, and it all worked out for the best. But what an adorable peep into the frenetic life of one of our favorite actresses!10:02 PM Fact And FictionIn all of the hustle and bustle of Monday in the rain, we neglected to share with you a brief peep into the Digest news meeting (which was, thankfully, not held in the rain). Again, these names and ideas came up — but we can’t say in what capacity: AMC’s Marcy Walker (Liza); DAYS’s Josh Taylor (Roman) and an upcoming OLTL/AMC crossover…. So those things and others are going to keep us hopping today and tomorrow….At least the sun’s shining now.So! On to business. We’ve had a few letters from desperate fans, wondering “what happened next” on PC — once PC went off the air. Now, we don’t have those unaired scripts (though we’re trying to raise funds to bribe the right people), but if you’re missing PC and you’ve seen all of your tapes too many times, maybe it’s time to branch out into the world of fan fiction.If you’ve never read it, fan fiction (stories written by fans using the characters from TV shows or movies, though mostly TV shows) can be a real treat (though sometimes a bumpy ride, what with haphazard grammar, spelling and unfinished chapters), and a way to see these characters in ways you never thought you might. But sensitive types, be warned! Not all of it isas PG rated as ABC showed.Still, if you’re willing to take a dip, here are some PC fan fiction sites (and ones that contain PC and other show related stories) that’re worth poking into. And let us know if you find a great one you think we should know about!Dominiqua’s World of Fan Fiction
PC Creative Fanfic (a message board)
Great Soaps Fan Fiction
Happy reading!

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