October 15, 2003

3:30 PM Wind Of ChangeIs today your Day of Change? Well, then get working: OLTL’s Linda Dano (Rae) has declared, in her Newsletter, that today is “our very own Day of Change.” So, uh, what does this mean? Clearly, if Linda’s involved, it means more than just changing socks. What she suggests is this: “Try something new; change your hairstyle, try some new makeup, think about adding fishnet stockings to your fall wardrobe … not a big thing, just something that will help all of us look at change in a positive way.” And, she notes, “I’m thinking of changing my hairstyle.” Hmm … perhaps some extensions, like the ones co-star Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) has been using while growing her hair out? (Though, not the same ones, of course….)And in another vein entirely (now we’re all concerned about what we should change over here…), did you make it to the GL Fan Club Luncheon this past weekend? Look for a special report with bonus photos up here soon. But for now, a little peep behind the scenes: As reported by our GL editor Melissa, Gavin Alexander Houston (Remy) told the audience that it was about time that his character got some action in Springfield. Michael O’Leary (Rick) was happy to oblige — as Houston walked away from the podium, O’Leary grabbed him and they faked a hot and heavy scene. Woo-hoo!11:45 AM Tips and TeasesLooking forward to your next Digest? Well, you should be. First of all, freshly-printed paper smells nice. (Hey, we get our kicks where we can.) But then there’s the great stuff printed on the paper: Like an interview with Brad Maule, who scrubs up as PASSIONS’s Dr. Abel — and as Tony Jones on GH. Clearly, something about him just says “doctor.” Comparing the two, he says, “They are two completely different beasts on opposite ends of the spectrum. Passions is more like a Victorian play in that the emotions are higher, the stakes are higher, everything is a little more hysterical. And I thought GH [taped] fast but PASSIONS is very fast.”We know what he means about the hysterical.And elsewhere, a fond farewell to James Reynolds (ex-Abe, DAYS), who agrees it did take a long time for that ambulance to reach Abe. “At the hospital, they all questioned him to death!”And, here’s one for the “Who Said It” file: Which NBC star once called his brother “fat” in an article and as a result, “He about killed me… I think it was something about my big, fat brother and I think I even said that, but I didn’t mean it that way. He’s just abnormally large…. And he’s an ex-football player/wrestler and can bench 500 pounds.” Ah, the retraction begins to make sense now … anyway, flip to the exact center of the new, upcoming Digest (our Roundup section) for the answer….And that’s it for now, folks! It’s Wednesday! We have news to assemble! Photo editors to call! And publicists to hassle! More soon…..

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