November 6, 2003

3:50 PM Dog DaysBark (er, mark) your calendars! And if, for some reason, you find you don’t have one, this is the perfect time to note that the United Coalition for Animals is putting out a 2004 calendar of “Cincinnati Celebrities” — and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC) is on the cover! Now, Ms. Budig hails from Kentucky, which is kind of near Cincinnati, but not really, so we’re not 100 percent sure how she made the cover, but we do know she likes doggies!So, if you want a calendar, you can order it at, and if you’d like to make a trip to Ohio, Budig (and other celebs) will be attending a calendar signing event on Saturday, November 29 from 2-4 PM at Barnes & Noble Fields Ertel in Cincinnati. Says a rep, “Rebecca is supportive of our important work — 100 percent of our proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit spay and neuter efforts in Cincinnati. We hope to end the euthanasia of more than 31,000 Cincinnati-area adoptable cats and dogs each year.” Woof!10:07 AM Best Friends OnlyTheir recent appearance on B&B felt all too short (and may not be over yet), but you can still find a little Sugar, and a little Sheila, in the pages of the upcoming Digest — issue date November 18, on shelves November 11! — because we’ve got a fantastic four-page inerview with Kimberlin Brown (r.) and Robin Mattson!Here’s a little excerpt to whet your whistle….Digest: There was initial gossip that Sugar would have the hots for Sheila…..
Robin Mattson: That was one of my first questions: “Is Sugar a lesbian?” I think it was kind of talked about once, but didn’t go any further. I wouldn’t have any problem going there.
Kimberlin Brown: We’re both professional actresses, and if that’s what it called for, then I’m sure that would have been fun, too. Who’s to say that’s not going to happen down the road, anyway?And knowing these two, that’s entirely possible…..

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