November 4, 2003

4:21 PM Over The EdgeAre you an EDGE OF NIGHT fan? Good! You’ll be particularly pleased with the upcoming Digest (issue date November 18, on stands November 11), which features several interviews with former cast members, reminiscing about the good old days. Though the show was cancelled just under 20 years ago, it remains fondly remembered not just on the web, but in the hearts of its veterans. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the interviews … with quotes you won’t see in the magazine….Karrie Emerson (ex-Jody, 1984): “To be there at the very end was hard. I remember that the last day of shooting was heart wrenching. It was difficult for me, so I can’t even imagine how it was for the people like Ann Flood [ex-Nancy], who’d been on the show practially their whole life. It was also hard when people like Joel Crothers [ex-Miles] passed away. So many of us keep in touch, though. It reflects how much the show was more than just a job.”Frances Fisher (ex-Deborah “Red” Saxon, 1976-81): “Soaps taught me so much about teamwork, and about cameras and lighting. Keeping myself stimulated to try new things, and not fall into a rut was another thing I learned. One piece of advice I would give to an actor starting out would be that if that person has dreams beyond soaps, then learn as much as you can about the medium, save your money, and keep doing theatre.”Mariann Aalda (ex-Didi, 1981-84): “One thing I hadn’t known when I’d auditioned is that they’d pipe in the music while you’re filming, rather than in post-production. So here I was, auditioning, when all of a sudden, I hear this oboe music. I didn’t know what it was, but it relaxed me and I started to move with it. I think that may have gotten me the part!”Mark Arnold (ex-Gavin, 1980-83): “EDGE was a low budget soap so it had a ‘Let’s put on a show,’ feel to it. We shot it as if it were live. We’d do it straight through and even took commercial breaks to keep down the editing. It wasn’t shot film style; the cameras moved with you. It was a holdout from the old days.”10:27 AM The View From The TopA little pre-VIEW of THE VIEW for you….Today, several soap stars will be appearing on the gabfest for a “Soap Opera Fashion Show,” so be sure to flip right on over there (you still have a few minutes): AMC’s Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Eden Riegel (Bianca), Michael Jordan (Reggie), plus OLTL’s Hillary B. Smith (Nora), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Trevor St. John (Walker) will be shaking their shimmies, shifts and shirts with some gorgeous duds!Plus, here’s a little insider stuff — in case you haven’t already heard — former PC-er Erin Hershey Presley (ex-Alison) has been chosen as one of the three finalists to co-host THE VIEW. During next week, look for her to be sitting in the hot seat! And even better: Mrs. Hershey Presley is scheduled to give our PC editor Tara Shaffer a ringy-dingy today — let us know if there’s something you think she needs to ask!More later….

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