Ned Again

Soap Opera Digest: We take it Ned must be very busy at ELQ since we’re not seeing him.
Wally Kurth: Yes. He’s preparing for tax time.Digest: Besides Ned, we’ve seen very little of the richest family in town. What can we do to juice up the Quartermaines?
Kurth: Well, Ned’s just one family member. It’s the writers’ prerogative to write whatever they feel passionate about writing so I really can’t answer that. I can’t suppose what could and should happen, but obviously families are important to all soap operas.

Digest: These days, Alexis is going through a health crisis. Should Ned be there for her?
Kurth: When it came to Alexis, she just wasn’t that into it [laughs]. He would have really invested in that relationship with Alexis but you can’t bang your head against the wall when it comes to love. It’s either apparent or it’s not. She just wasn’t just ready to commit.Digest: It was an interesting role reversal.
Kurth: The neat thing about that story was that it was similar to me. Wally is not afraid to pull the trigger when it comes to committing. When it comes to saying, “I’m committed,” and faithfully going for it, I’m there. And Ned, too. Ned said, “Look, Alexis, I want to have this relationship. I want to commit to this relationship. I want to make it work.” And she was the one who had cold feet. Usually it’s the men who have cold feet, so that was an interesting dynamic, that the male was playing the more typical female role and vice versa. I thought that was interesting that the writers allowed that to happen.Digest: So what about a Ned/Alexis reunion?
Kurth: He has always loved her and supported her, but she broke his heart. It would be hard to go back in, full heart and soul, since he got crushed the last time. But, as a friend, I could totally see Ned by her bedside and holding her hand.