Melissa Reeves: Ace Photographer

For years, pictures of Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, Days of Our Lives) have graced the pages of magazines. And soon, her pictures may, too — photos that she has taken, that is.”I’ve always been into photography, a little bit,” admits Reeves. “But my friend Kenda, who takes amazing photos, inspired and encouraged me to actually do it, and I love it.”
Reeves purchased a snazzy new Canon camera and began snapping away. “I have piles of pictures all over my house! I’ve taken tons of the kids,” she says, referring to daughter Emily, 10, and son Larry, 5. “I also took some great shots of Scott in his cowboy hat. They’re these neat Western-looking pictures. Most of the stuff I do is outdoors, because I like the lighting. I’ve been experimenting with both black-and-white and color film.”
Reaction to Reeves’work has been good. “I’ve brought some of my photos in to the studio, and everyone has been so encouraging. They’ve said, ‘Why don’t you do more of this?'” recounts Reeves with a smile. “Even Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital) was like, ‘How come you’re not taking pictures of the people you work with and putting them in magazines?'”
Reeves isn’t quite ready to go that route. “I told Steve, It’s just a hobby. I’m a little scared to take a chance on someone’s time at this point.’ “MELISSA REEVES’S PHOTO ALBUM.

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