Meet OLTL's Newest Troublemaker

On August 14, ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Stacy finally gets an ally in the form of her stripper pal, Kimberly, from Las Vegas. Viewers may recognize her impossibly gorgeous portrayer, Amanda Setton, as Penelope from GOSSIP GIRL … or that unfortunate lover in Sex and the City who slapped the crap out of a married guy as Carrie passed by. Digest chats with Setton on her daytime debut. Soap Opera Digest: Welcome to daytime! How’s it going?

Amanda Setton: Thank you. It’s been so much fun so far. It’s been really different from anything I’ve done before, so I’m learning a lot.

Digest: Any learning curves or particular challenges?

Setton: Just pretty much that it’s a lot more memorization — four cameras at once, making your mark.

Digest: What is your impression of Kimberly so far?

Setton: She just has this lightness and this fun air about her that I think makes her really likable and really watchable, but also really interesting and meaty because under that fun flair, she’s also manipulative and conniving … but she’s been fun [laughs].

Digest: What kind of friendship does she have with Stacy?

Setton: They’re best friends. They’re like sisters.

Digest: How would you say she compares to Penelope?

Setton: Um, they’re completely different. They couldn’t be more different! Penelope is an Upper East Side high schooler who covers up, dresses like a lady who lunches and strives to be a 30-year-old married woman who’s vicious to her friends, and Kim is completely different. She’s a stripper; she’s you know, kinda trashy but in a really fun way. And I mean that in the best way possible. She’s manipulative in a way different way. She just has fun with it. She enjoys it. She comes up with a plan and she executes. Digest: Upcoming scenes when they’re coming up with a list of men to impregnate Stacy sound really comical.

Setton: That’s another thing. She’s funny!

Digest: And that’s something that you enjoy playing, I take it?

Setton: Oh, for sure. I’ve gotten to play around with lots of different things so far and I’ve only been here for a month! She’s comedic but you also see a vulnerable side with her best friend. That kind of real relationship that they have is a completely different side of Kim.

Digest: Before you were cast in the role, did you watch ever OLTL?
Setton: I didn’t; I had never seen the show [laughs]. But after I got the role, I watched lots of Stacy, Rex, Gigi, Jessica, Brody, Fish, Oliver, the whole nine. I’ve got ’em all!

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