Meet Davetta Sherwood

Since landing in Genoa City, Davetta Sherwood has definitely brought a new, spitfire energy to sweet Lily Winters.

“We are the same Lily, but [Christel Khalil and I are] not the same actress, so it’s going to be a little different,” Sherwood explains. “I’m Davetta. That’s the biggest change. It’s a whole new girl coming in. The fans are going to [take] some [time] getting used to [it], and they will.”

If they see what co-star Rachel Kimsey (Mackenzie) sees, that should not be a problem. “Victoria Rowell (Drucilla) is such a powerhouse and a force of nature, and Davetta is one of the first people I’ve met in my life who can match that energy,” Kimsey raves. “It’s awesome to watch them together.”

Sherwood has heard the comparisons and the raves, and she is definitely not complaining. “We love each other,” she says of Rowell. “And Bryton (Devon) and Kristoff (St. John, Neil), we get along. The first day I came on set, I said, ‘We look like family!’ They’re fun and the energy is high. They’re also serious and professional, so when we get on the set, it’s like, ‘Let’s run it.’ That’s what I like.”

After just a few weeks in the role, Sherwood seems right at home. “I hope that’s a good idea!” she quips, but she admits it wasn’t a seamless transition from her prime-time roots to the fast pace of daytime. Luckily, she found support from more than just the Winters clan. “I had a hard day and as soon as [the director] said cut, Michelle (Stafford, Phyllis) was right there, saying, ‘Don’t worry about it. My first day, I did a take 15 times,'” Sherwood recounts. “Then I came into the hallway and Jerry‘s (Douglas, John) there. He’s amazing. He’s like, ‘I watched you from my room. You were perfect the first time.’ It was good to get that right afterward.”

It also reminded her that, thanks to the live feed at the studio, her co-stars are always watching. Even when she’s kissing Michael Graziadei (Daniel). “We kiss all the time…off-camera,” Sherwood jokes. “Those two are an interesting couple. I’ve never experienced something like what they have, whatever it is. It’s from the heart and it’s fun to play, but it’ll be so much better when it’s real!”

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