Look Back: Frances Reid Celebrates 30 Years at DAYS

In honor of Frances Reid‘s passing Feb. 3, here’s an article from the January 10, 1995 issue of Soap Opera Weekly where the actress looks back at her 30 years on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Janet Di Lauro, West Coast Editor, Soap Opera Weekly, wrote the article and she has this to say: “What I remember most about this chat with Frances, aside from the off the record stuff she made me turn off my tape recorder for, was walking to the commissary together midway through the interview to get lunch. Frances said to me, ‘Now, Janet dear. What happens if we do this interview, and when we’re all done you don’t have anything good to write about?’ I said, ‘Well, then I just make the whole thing up.’ She laughed so hard. I will never forget that.”

Click here for page 1 of the 1995 article.

Click here for page 2 of the 1995 article.

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