Laughing With the Jackal

Spinelli may have achieved his heart’s desire when he finally slept with Maxie, but that doesn’t mean the battle of the sexes is over. Here, Bradford Anderson talks about his unique place in the cast, and Spinelli’s role in the GENERAL HOSPITAL universe.

Soap Opera Weekly: Are you worried that GH has added yet another younger character (Jason Cook‘s hunky Dr. Matt Hunter)?
Anderson: At first, when more young guys came on the show, I used to be like, “Oh, great, more young guys.” But then I realized that I’m very lucky because my duty on the show is not to be eye candy. As long as they don’t bring in any more floppy-haired guys who fall all over the place, I’ll still have my spot (laughs). So it’s never threatening to me when other people come on the show. I’m excited just to have another great person walking around the stage.

Weekly: What if they bring in another tech guy?
Anderson: Even when they did have another computer guy — when they had Stan — Kiko [Ellsworth] was a good-looking guy. He still fit that profile. He wasn’t the comic relief. He had comedic moments, because Kiko was a funny guy, but if they bring on too many quirky guys, people won’t watch; they can only stand one at a time. Hopefully.

Weekly: Speaking of comic relief, you’re good with a pratfall; does the show ever bring in a stunt double for you?
Anderson: No, I don’t think they’ve ever used a stunt guy for me. I don’t think they’ve found anyone as wiry and funky-looking as me. I pretty much bounce anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I’m like a 14-year-old. If they fall down, they just kind of bounce.

Weekly: How do you feel about Spinelli getting a romantic storyline?
Anderson: No matter what storyline I’m involved with, I am thrilled. I have a great time with everybody. Working with Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] is incredible, and Spinelli getting into some sort of romantic relationship is exciting for me, simply because I haven’t done that yet. Spinelli hasn’t had the opportunity to actually get the girl. [Now] we have the opportunity to see how he reacts to that. But [whatever] happens, I’ll still be having a blast.

Weekly: What’s next for Spinelli?
Anderson: I think it’s figuring out how to attract the opposite sex without giving up who he is, what it is about him that’s already preexisting. How can he show his good qualities to the opposite sex and get them to recognize that about him, without covering it so much with all this stuff about trying to be “manly”? To be comfortable with himself [when he’s] with the other sex, and not feel that he has to be more than what he is. But that may be a lifelong struggle!

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