Hartley Revels in New Role

Lindsay Hartley recently became part of the ALL MY CHILDREN cast (as Cara), but her character’s already in the thick of things, and the actress is having a ball. She talks about joining the show, and another soap that’s always in her heart.Soap Opera Weekly: What does it feel like to step into an established cast?

Lindsay Hartley: I was kind of nervous! First of all, I didn’t know anyone. I had met Rebecca [Budig, Greenlee] in passing a couple of times. A couple weeks before I joined the show, I had heard about Ricky [Paull Goldin, Jake], but never met him; never met Michael Knight (Tad). And I had to work with Michael my second day on a ton of stuff, and God, he is just the best. They’re really good people on that show. I’m really grateful.

Weekly: You were thrown right into the action, right?

Hartley: They give you a bunch of information, and then you kind of have to make your decision, and then…bam! You’re out of the gate.

Weekly: Do people still ask you about PASSIONS (Hartley played Theresa)?

Hartley: Oh, my God, yeah! Totally. They loved that show. It was great fun to do.

Weekly: It must have been wonderful to work with Eric Martsolf and Galen Gering. They had the same relationship with your character on DAYS OF OUR LIVES that they had on PASSIONS!

Hartley: They were identical situations! It was so funny.

Weekly: What do you remember most fondly about PASSIONS?

Hartley: It’s something that I’m grateful for, and I’ll never forget it. It helped me learn so much. I met a lot of great people on that show, [like] Ben Masters (ex-Julian). Lisa de Cazotte was the executive producer, and I still keep in touch with her. It was a hard gig, but we all did the best we could. And I love that we started it and finished it; that’s really cool.

Weekly: Even though it’s not cool that it’s not on anymore.

Hartley: [laughs] No!

Weekly: Do you still find time to sing?

Hartley: You know, not so much anymore. But I’ll tell you this: I think I’m going to do Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS in March [in New York]. So I’ll be singing there!