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GH’s Michelle Stafford And James Patrick Stuart On Their Newlywed Games

Credit: JPI

On-screen GH newlyweds Michelle Stafford and James Patrick Stuart dish their characters’ whirlwind courtship in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest. “The Valentin/Nina fascination is not that far from the James/Michelle fascination,” according to Stuart, who says of his leading lady, “She’s not only devastatingly beautiful, but she’s funny.” Stafford enthuses, “James is super-sexy and handsome and the chicks dig him. I just always love it when the bad guy is the most sensitive guy in the room. Nina doesn’t see a killer, she sees this beautiful man who is seemingly so taken with her. What woman doesn’t want that?” They discuss their hilarious real-life first meeting and how Valentin’s history with Anna will challenge their characters’ marriage in this special joint interview, on sale now.