Getting To Know Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline, OLTL) Page 2

Digest: So, do you think R.J. and Evangeline have a future?
Goldsberry: I do, and who knows what it will be. But the town is small, and what pulls them together is so great…. He’ll forgive her, I’m sure.Digest: What about the new Jordan? I hear there’s going to be a love triangle.
Goldsberry: Oh, Jordan. I’m excited that he’s in the world because it’s more drama [laughs].

Digest: Have you met Kevin Mambo?
Goldsberry: I haven’t. I just found out [he was hired] before I walked in here, and I’m glad I did because I would have been like, “Who?” But I’ve heard great things about him.Digest: He’s a two-time Daytime Emmy winner.
Goldsberry: Right, two Emmys. I’ll probably feel about him the way I do about Timothy, that I’m working with someone who is bringing something to the table and making me have to pull something out.Digest: Which of your castmates do you hang out with?
Goldsberry: Sherri [Saum, ex-Keri]. I’m missing her. You get close to people, then they go, like Roscoe [Born, ex-Mitch]. But I love hanging out with Timothy, Kamar [de los Reyes, Antonio], Dan Gauthier [Kevin], Trevor [St. John, Walker/Todd], Bree [Williamson, Jessica]. The show is bringing in a lot of really fun people on- and off-screen, so it’s a blast to be here.Digest: Do you hang out after hours?
Goldsberry: Yes. Before, I never had an opportunity to participate as much as I wanted to because I was always running to [The Lion King], but it is a very social group. They’re always doing something, at least on the weekends. They’re very celebratory. So, I’m excited to have a chance to do more of that.

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