Galen Gering Defends Luis

“Shuis” fans have been sharply divided over Luis’ recent, apparent lack of faith in Sheridan where Beth is concerned. Galen Gering defends his character’s reluctance to “rush to judgment.”

“He’s in such a difficult position. Of course I want to believe her more than anything, but we have this test done and I’m a person that because of my career, [in] my life I really lean pretty heavily on facts,” explains Gering in character. “Obviously, I’m a hopeless romantic, but at the same time, you’re gonna have to respect the courts, being an officer of the law. There’s no way we can get the child back unless we have some sort of proof. We’re not gonna go steal him, so it’s really problematic.”

Still, Gering insists that despite his lack of faith, Luis has always been completely sympathetic to Sheridan and her perspective. “Obviously, losing a child is probably one of the hardest things that a parent can go through, or a relationship can live through. However, I really never thought that she would just say, ‘You know what? I’m out of here. I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore. Bye-bye.’ That kind of was like ‘whoa.’ I thought it would just be like, ‘I just need a break’ or something and then we could kind of work it out. I mean, obviously, I’ve always tried to be really positive with regards to us overcoming any obstacle that someone put in our path.”

While Luis has finally come around to believe Sheridan &mdas; thanks to Dottie’s new DNA tests — it may be too little, too late for Sheridan. Stay tuned!