French Quarter and French Fries!

Since their characters jet down to New Orleans for a little adventure, an on-location YOUNG AND RESTLESS group — Michael Muhney (Adam), Sharon Case (Sharon), Joshua Morrow (Nick), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) — all got to explore the historic and beautiful city, as well.“We walked up and down the streets of the French Quarter,” says Muhney, who can’t pick one site that stands out as a highlight. “We had a great time walking around while the cameras were rolling and roaming the city. It’s a very romantic city with a lot of history.”

Muhney’s favorite things about the city involved “anything that was an exterior,” he notes. “Everywhere you went was a new story and a new experience. I have to say that Christian is an incredible ambassador to the city. What a wonderful, warm host and tour guide he was. He would tell you stories about every corner of every street and every building. It was great to have someone with that kind of knowledge pointing out the city to you, because you could really soak in the richness.”

Muhney enjoyed the city’s cuisine, too. “I ate escargot for the first time in my life,” he reveals. “I thought I would hate it, but it was actually quite good. But my favorite thing that I ate, that I’ve never seen in my life, were these potato puffs. They looked like big, seasoned potato wedge French fries. However, they were hollowed out. They’re cooked at such extreme temperatures that they pop out and puff. Think chips, but soft and chewy like French fries. They were amazing. I had way too many of those!”

The actors enjoyed dinner at Antoine’s. — JPI