On The Fly - Joseph Mascolo

1. Is there a chance for Massimo and Stephanie romantically?
Stephanie and Massimo have been friends since they were kids, and she was his long-lost love. They also share a son, so they will always be connected. We’ll see where it goes.

2. How would you feel about Massimo and Jackie reconnecting, now that Eric has dumped her?
The only way would be if circumstance brings them together in a year or so and they realize they can never let go of that love. But that would take a lot of tap dancing. The whole thing happened too fast and I thought it was distasteful. People go crazy, they fall in love, they get married and six months later they’re divorced. I suppose without that conflict, there’s no soap opera, but people can accept a happy relationship that has its ups and downs.

3. Doesn’t Massimo need some romance?
Massimo needs women from here to Beijing. He waited for his love and was very faithful to that, but it didn’t turn out right. When that’s not around, he should do the entire world. You don’t have that kind of power and not have some ladies around.

4. How do you feel about Massimo being more of a sidekick lately?
Massimo is never a sidekick. He’s a force in his own right. But I don’t mind a little down time. I go up to my place in the mountains and talk to the birds.

5. Do you have any other projects in the works?
No, I’ve just been chilling out. Now, with this new twist, I’ve been doing more on the show.

6. I know you don’t watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES regularly, but has there been a storyline or episode that you had to tune in for?
I don’t really watch anything during the day, unless it’s news, tennis or football. From what I’m told, [DAYS] talks about [Stefano] all the time. I also get calls from people from the show saying, “Oh, my God, we hear you’re coming back!” I don’t know where they hear these things…the Internet? When they were slaughtering people I thought, “They need old Stefano to clean things up!”

7. Do you ever miss playing the ultimate evil?
I’m very lucky. The two characters I’ve played have both been incredible characters that made a big footprint. I’m proud of that, but I’m very happy with Massimo. When Brad (Bell, executive producer/head writer) asked me to come over, he said, “We’ll create a role for you,” and then he changed 15 years of history when he made Ridge Massimo’s son. The way we shaped him, there’s no end to where he could go. Massimo is a patriarch.

8. Could you imagine DAYS recasting Stefano?
I heard that they finally realized they couldn’t do that. I don’t think you can replace him. You can try, but I doubt the audience would swallow that. I remember when I was playing Stefano, other shows were trying to [replicate him]. Well, you can’t. It’s like James Bond. I thought Sean Connery was the best. Then the guy that followed him was wonderful, but after that?

9. The last time we spoke, I asked about the rumors that you had become engaged, but you didn’t want to talk about that. Is it important that your personal life stays private?
Isn’t it obvious? It’s so phony when people use it for PR purposes. A lot of things in my personal life are deeper than that. Some stuff comes out. If I’m going to conduct a trio somewhere, that’s fun (laughs). But there are certain things with one’s family and certain friends that you don’t want to let spill into an area that’s not serious. Anything that has to do with Massimo, I want on the front page of everything from here to Russia. But Joseph Mascolo? I don’t think so.

10. Are you happy at B&B?
Oh, yes. Everybody here is lovely, especially the crew. Sometimes you do say, “Where is this going?” It can get a little dumb. But that’s daytime.