Everybody Into The Pool

Filming has completed on the first feature film to be comprised primarily of daytime stars: Carpool Guy is set to launch in June. The film is the innovative baby of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Corbin Bernsen (Durant).

The real-life son of YOUNG AND RESTLESS’s Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Bernsen has long been aware of the talent pool available in daytime, and the lightbulb simply went off in his head one day that someone needed to make the most of it. Bernsen directed, produced and helped shape the script of this raucous comedy in which an unlikely source comes between two competing advertising executives and chaos ensues. (It even features a hilarious same-sex kiss between two of daytime’s hottest guys, but our lips are sealed!)“It has been going better than I could have ever anticipated,” marvels Bernsen of the film’s post-production process. Principal photography was completed in February, and Bernsen hosted a rocking rap party in March (see Soap Opera Digest‘s 3/29/05 issue). “Tony [Geary, Luke] plays the title character, and he came into this with a very real character in mind. He has given the movie its base and made it very real and very quirky and interesting. He’s a highly gifted actor.”

Unlike mainstream Hollywood films, Bernsen’s marketing strategy for Carpool Guy is highly unusual, as it involves heavy fan interaction. In fact, log on to the film’s official Web site, www.carpoolguy.com, and you can currently vote on which movie poster should be used in the film’s marketing campaign. Trailers, behind-the-scenes photos and movie merchandise will also be available. Bernsen believes that that kind of fan interaction is essential to the success of the project. “To do what I want to do with this film, to live this dream, we have to have the fan support,” he stresses. “We have to have the fan base. It’s really important that the fans come to our Web sites and get involved. Sign up and register. Be a part of it, and as we grow, they’ll see a lot of interactivity over the next few months, including the opportunity to win trips, merchandise, posters, autographs, you name it. But we have to have that community support, or we won’t be able to get the attention of Hollywood.”

Stayed tuned to future issues of Digest and Soap Opera Weekly for more info. Until then, see you in the movies!Carpool Guy Cast List
Rick Hearst (Joel; Ric, GENERAL HOSPITAL)
Sean Kanan (Tom; ex-Deacon, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL)
Also Starring:
Lauralee Bell (Rachel; Christine, YOUNG AND RESTLESS)
Corbin Bernsen (Michael; Durant, GH)
Sharon Case (Vanessa; Sharon, Y&R)
Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Lunsford; Katherine, Y&R)
Patrika Darbo (Patty; Nancy, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Leslie Kay (Vanessa; Lois, GH)
Colton James (Ross; ex-Neil, PORT CHARLES)
Kristoff St. John (Steven; Neil, Y&R)
Anthony Geary (Carpool Guy; Luke, GH)

And for more on Bernsen’s future film projects, check out www.publicmediaworks.com.

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