Emailing With Réal Andrews (Walker, ATWT)

Soap Opera Digest: Do you usually do your e-mailing at home or at work? What time do you go online?
Réal Andrews: Both. I usually do my e-mailing at 2-4 a.m.Digest: Whom do you e-mail the most?
Andrews: Everyone. I love e-mail. I find a lot of the time that I am so busy during the day. It gives me a chance to keep in touch and keep up with everybody, where I wouldn’t have enough time in the day to call and talk to all those people.Digest: How do you feel about chain e-mails and forwards?
Andrews: Forwards are okay depending on what [it is]. I hate chains.Digest: Do you go to ATWT Web sites? If so, which ones?
Andrews: Yes —,, and I like to stay in touch with the people who watch our show. I value their support. Without them we are nothing; every now and then I will post to let them know [that]. However, although I know everyone has their right to their opinion, I believe there is a positive way to handle everything. So, with that said, I do stay away from any site where there is a lot of negativity and mean things said. People forget that we are all people at the end of the day — the producers, directors, writers and actors. We all are doing our best to bring you the best show we can, and we are proud of what we do. I assure you it is not easy to do a show a day and certainly not easy to please everybody. However, there is a positive way to give criticism. We do appreciate your feedback, but you know the old saying, “Careful how you pass judgment before you walk in another man’s/woman’s shoes.” I guess I just answered [the next question, which was whether people believe it’s really him posting online]. Sometimes they doubt that it is me.Digest: Which nonsoap Web sites do you frequent?
Andrews:,,, Do you ever shop online? If so, what do you buy?
Andrews: Yes, usually bass fishing tackle — lots of it. (Smile.)Digest: You have a very informative Web site ( Is there anything special that you wanted to convey to fans or that you hope they will learn from a visit to the site?
Andrews: Thank you. Yes, although I don’t believe in Bible-thumping, I am not shy about letting people know how important of a role Jesus plays in my life. Hopefully, it will plant a seed in others. I also want people to realize, “There is no such word as can’t.” A lot of times people see the end result; they don’t realize what it took to get there. I came from the other side of the tracks, if you will, and there were times when my mother had to shoplift to feed me. Everything I have today came from what my parents could afford to give me: good morals, believe in yourself, work hard, there is no such word as can’t, and go after your dreams. That’s what I try to get across to people. I also want them to know about what I consider the best sport in the world next to football (smile), and that’s bass fishing. It is not only my pastime, but my passion. I have my best memories [from fishing while] growing up with my father and brother, who have now passed. Especially today, when there is such a lack of family quality time and communication gaps. There is no better way, in my opinion, to get that quality back and bridge that gap, and keep them off the streets, than through fishing. As a matter of fact, I have just teamed up with Brad Tharp from Everything Bass (, one of the premier rod builders, and we are coming out with my own signature line of rods. They will be designed for the young angler with the quality of a tournament stick (that’s bass talk for “rod”). The rod line will be called “Unreal Rods By Réal,” no pun intended (smile). The profits from those rods are going to getting inner-city kids, and kids in general, involved in bass fishing. I will be looking for up-and-coming anglers to sponsor, so any future anglers out there, drop me a line. I am very excited about this; it is something I have been praying for for a while. Also, I have teamed up with Stratos boats and the Gallatin [Tennessee] PD and the [Fraternal Order of Police] to put a tournament on next May out of Flippers on Old Hickory Lake [in Gallatin], where an adult has to fish with a kid. In my opinion, it’s all about the kids — after all, they are our future. I will let you know more as things evolve.

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