DAYS Murder List


…returned to Salem from Colorado the week of Sept. 25.

…shot Abe outside his house on Sept. 29, the day of Theo’s christening.

…attacked Jack with a brick on Oct. 13.

…bludgeoned Maggie with a bottle on Nov. 4 (still Halloween night in Salem).

…stabbed Cassie and she fell out of a pinata at Salem Place on Nov. 28 (still Thanksgiving Day in Salem).

…poisoned Caroline at the Brady Pub on Dec. 5.

…stabbed Roman in the kitchen of Tuscany after his wedding on New Year’s Eve.

…poisoned Tony at the hospital (after a botched tiger mauling) the week of Feb. 3.

…stabbed Doug at the cemetery on March 5, after Julie tipped her off to his suspicions.

…choked Alice to death with a doughnut after Alice discovered the clue Doug had left by Tom Horton’s tombstone on March 31.

…was shot by the prison guards and died May 13.

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