Crazy for Carly

1. In what year did Carly come to Port Charles?
a. 1994
b. 1995
c. 1996
d. 1997
e. 1998

2. Carly has never gone by this last name:
a. Benson
b. Roberts
c. Corinthos
d. Spencer
e. Alcazar

3. What were Carly’s adoptive parents’ names?
a. Bob and Jill
b. Frank and Jill
c. Bob and Virginia
d. Frank and Virginia
e. Frank and Carolina

4. Whom did Carly once shoot in open court?
a. Sonny
b. AJ
c. Jason
d. Ric
e. Tony

5. Which mental institution was Carly committed to for shooting him?
a. Rose Lawn
b. Ferncliff
c. Oakhaven
d. Shadybrook
e. St. Ann’s

6. Who tried to teach Carly how to drive?
a. Tony
b. Sonny
c. Zander
d. Max
e. Johnny

7. Where did Carly go to high school?
a. William H. Taft High
b. John F. Kennedy High
c. Abraham Lincoln High
d. Robert F. Kennedy High
e. Chester A. Arthur High

8. What was the name of Carly’s first nightclub?
a. The Cellar
b. The Outback
c. Club 102
d. Club 101
e. The Mile High Club

9. With whom did Carly conspire to get Sonny out of the Mob?
a. Luke
b. Roy
c. Hannah
d. Bobbie
e. Claude

10. What did Carly once bring with her to intimidate the Five Families?
a. Jason
b. a machete
c. a gun
d. Michael’s report card
e. a baseball bat

11. What is Carly’s middle name?
a. Leigh
b. Barbara
c. Jean
d. Charlotte
e. Caroline

12. In 1997, what object aided Carly when she tricked AJ into believing he had fallen off the wagon again?
a. a meat hook
b. a laundry cart
c. Jason
d. a machete
e. a baseball bat

13. What term did Carly once use to describe her nemesis Liz?
a. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
b. Lizard Breath
c. Goody Goody Muffin Face
d. Swiss Miss
e. Bunny

14. On what date did Sonny and Carly first have sex?
a. Oct. 30, 1999
b. Oct. 31, 1999
c. Nov. 30, 1999
d. Dec. 1, 1999
e. Dec. 2, 1999

15. “Queen of the world” Carly drank a guy under the table for his boat in 2002. What was the vessel’s name?
a. Angelina
b. Catalina
c. Quasimodo
d. Esmeralda
e. Phoebus

16. What game did Lorenzo Alcazar teach Carly to play on his yacht?
a. Lago
b. Backgammon
c. Chess
d. Chinese Checkers
e. Twister

17. What name do Carly’s two sons have in common?
a. Michael
b. Alan
c. Aloysius
d. Tolliver
e. Morgan

18. Where did Carly and Sonny renew their vows?
a. Antigua
b. Barbados
c. Sonny’s island
d. On TV
e. Martinique

19. Which nemesis did an increasingly unstable Carly hallucinate in late 2005?
a. Robin
b. Ric
c. Faith
d. Liz
e. Reese

20. Which actress has never been rumored as a possible Carly recast?
a. Gina Tognoni
b. Jenna Gering
c. Jamie Luner
d. Sarah Buxton
e. Sarah Aldrich


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