Up Close and Personal

ALL MY CHILDREN fan Donna Gentry got the thrill of a lifetime when she bid to have her photo taken with Marc Menard and William de Vry (Boyd and ex-Michael) at the Mercy Celebrity Classic benefit in Arkansas Oct. 3-5.”I have been a devoted fan of AMC almost since its beginning,” says Gentry. “Meeting William de Vry and Marc Menard was very exciting. When you watch the show, it feels like you already know these people when you meet them. You know they have their own lives and they aren’t the character they play. When you meet them it is hard to not call them by their character names! Both Wil and Marc were very friendly and polite. I got to sit next to Marc during a dinner. He seems fun to be around. Wil and I talked a little before dinner. All the soap stars I have met have been very nice. My biggest dream is to meet Susan Lucci.”

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