Bryan R. Dattilo's Greatest DAYS

When Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas) looks back on his tenure on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1993-2001 and 2002-present), it’s not the heavy drama nor the numerous ways his character has been shafted by his mother, Kate, or on-again/off-again lover, Sami, that stand out in his mind. “I like the fun stuff,” smiles Dattilo. For the natural comedian, there have been a few classics — and one embarrassing moment with a leading lady he had a big crush on.

“One of my fondest memories is my first scene with Jennifer, because I got to work with Missy Reeves. It was hard for me because I had a crush on her from when I used to watch the show with my grandmother. The scene was in The Penthouse Grill, which was always fun. Everyone was all dressed up. Lucas was Jennifer’s brother all of a sudden. So it was a brother/sister-type scene. I kind of pulled stuff from my real life when I acted. I tried to use my sister in Missy’s place, and that was awkward, because you can’t be attracted to your sister. I was all flustered. It was a four- or five-page scene and I had a lot of dialogue. I was really nervous. Missy could tell. She calmed me down and said, ‘Just do whatever you did to get the job. Take your time, relax and have fun with it.’ I was like, ‘Uh…uh…uh, okay.’ I got through the scene, and Missy said I did great, but I thought I did terrible.”

“Carrie and Austin used to have their ‘special place’ on the roof of their apartment building, and Lucas and Sami used to peep on them all the time. Ali (Sweeney; Sami) and I would be hanging over a ledge when we did those scenes and have to act like we were dangling. You could only see our faces [on camera]. We would actually lay down, peep our heads up and do our lines; then, fall back down. We were like puppets. We used to have a good time with that. Any time Ali and I used to run around and chase Christie Clark (ex-Carrie) and Pat Muldoon (ex-Austin) was hilarious. We were like cartoon characters.”

“I liked being a surfer boy, dressing up in disguise and poisoning Sami in Italy. I had to wear a long, blond goatee and a huge wig that looked like a mop. Literally, it looked like someone cut a handle off a mop, put it on my head, and said, ‘Go out and get ’em.’ I looked like Gary Oldman in True Romance. I had to come up with this surfer dude attitude and accent, too. Even though it was horrible wearing that wig every day — they had to glue it all around my forehead and it was so hot my head couldn’t breathe underneath — it was a lot of fun. I was in disguise and got to mess around.”

“I was a Flying Elvis, once. I remember being in an Elvis suit and a parachute harness. That was fun. I jumped out of an airplane and landed in the circus. It was when Tony was mauled by the tiger. That was hysterical, although it was a little uncomfortable to tell you the truth. The suit I was wearing was extremely tight in areas where a man shouldn’t have a tight suit, and the parachute harness didn’t help.”

“We’ve had good guest stars on the show. We’ve had Leeza Gibbons. Ellen DeGeneres came to the set once and did a segment, but that was for her show. I got to meet her. The scenes I got to do with Sharon Osbourne were a lot of fun, because she is a great lady and so down-to-earth. She played this sketchy, biker-type woman. It was very odd. It was a camp scene. Sami and Lucas were leaving Will at camp. Sharon did a great job with her lines. I had been a big fan of The Osbournes when the show first came out.”

“I got to dress up as Ozzy Osbourne and do an Ozzy impersonation in one of our DAYS fantasies. That is definitely one of my favorite memories. Wearing that long, black wig, dressing like Ozzy and talking like him was fun. I got bleeped out a lot, but that was the joke. The whole family, Sami, Lucas and Will, all dressed up as The Osbournes.”

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