Blasts From The Past

Soap Opera Digest was, of course, at the annual GH Fan Club Weekend at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, CA. Here’s a glimpse at one of the more popular events of the weekend, a gathering of past cast members of GH and PORT CHARLES.HERE’S JOHNNY

Scott Egan (ex-Johnny) updated the crowd by cracking, “Since the show, I’ve been stalking Maurice Benard [Sonny] every day.”LOOK WHO’S STALKING NOW

“Since the show, I’ve been stalking Tyler Christopher [Nikolas],” retorted newlywed Amanda Tepe (ex-Colleen).WHAT A TRIP

John Reilly (ex-Sean) joked with the crowd that “Acting with Brian [Patrick Clarke, ex-Grant] was a trip. Usually, a good trip [laughs]. I miss GH, to tell you the truth. We had a great 12-year run.”THE HORROR OF IT ALL

Scream queen Eileen Dietz (ex-Sarah) shared, “I did one of the worst horror films of all time with Brian Patrick Clarke called Exorcism.” “The worst,” interjected Clarke.OUT OF GASKILL

“I’m back and forth between Los Angeles and Nashville,” reported Brian Gaskill (ex-Rafe, PC). “They can drag me back [to soaps] all they want. If they come calling, I’ll talk to them.”SIR DUKE

Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke) remarked, “I was with Susan Flannery [Stephanie, B&B] in New York and we were walking down the street and somebody rolled down their car window and yelled, ‘Duke forever!’ And that was 20 years later.”GEORGIE GIRL

Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie) said, “I miss the show every day. I still keep in touch with Kirsten Storms [Maxie]. We went through a lot. I heard Maxie and Spinelli are getting it on. I can’t blame her if he can’t have me and wants second best [laughs].”GOOD BAD GUY

Robert LaSardo (ex-Mateo/ex-Manny) revealed, “Father Mateo had to go to Louisiana to be in a horror movie called Autopsy. That was why I left. The fans are incredible. They want to know, ‘When are you coming back? We miss you.’ It really warms my heart.”REUNION STATION

Jon Lindstrom (ex-Kevin/ex-Ryan, GH/PC) grinned, “It feels like we’re at a high school reunion.”FLOWN THE COOP

Jason Gerhardt (ex-Coop) hosted his own off-campus fan event the night before. “It was a smash hit,” he nodded. “We had dinner, dancing. Ignacio [Serricchio, ex-Diego] came and made people laugh. It was a great night.”

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