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B&B Fall Preview

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“This September, fallout from Bill’s evil deeds ripples through the lives of the Forresters and the Spectras,” teases Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell.

Thomas/Sally: “The tragedy at Spectra Fashions on the eve of Sally’s solo debut leaves the company’s future up in smoke and takes with it the young designer’s dreams for the future. Sally regains hope when Thomas returns to Los Angeles. Is Thomas ready to return for good? Or, has Thomas become so caught up in the web of ‘Dollar’ Bill’s despicable lie that he will not leave his young son and Caroline?”

Liam/Steffy: “Liam faces the possibility that his father is capable of much more evil than he ever imagined, and is forced to choose whether to ‘live by the sword or die by the sword’ within the Spencer family.”

Brooke/Bill: “Excited to begin the process of building his ‘Sky’, Bill must maintain the facade of a man who has done no wrong in order to accomplish his goals. Bill finds himself struggling to keep his nasty little secret from those he loves, including his inquisitive wife. How long will Bill be able to keep up his charade? And, when Brooke does learn the truth, will she stand by her man or will she demand that he face consequences for his actions?”

Maya/Rick/Nicole/Zende: “Maya’s insecurities regarding Lizzy’s attachment to Nicole resurface when she witnesses the special bond that they share. These insecurities prompt Maya into suggesting a staffing change at Forrester Creations to Rick. This staffing change will affect Nicole’s proximity to Lizzy, and leave Maya open to mother her child without interference from her sister.”

Eric/Quinn/Ridge/Sheila/James: “Finding herself on the receiving end of a closed door to the Forrester mansion fuels Sheila’s desire to make Eric her own. Sheila summons her unwilling cohort, Charlie, to assist in her quest to make Quinn and Ridge pawns in her scheme, but will Quinn and Ridge take the bait?”

Katie/Wyatt: “Katie and Wyatt’s love affair intensifies, while both still remain determined to keep their hot and heavy liaisons a secret, especially from Bill, Quinn, Steffy and Brooke. This proves to be easier said than done. In September, Katie and Wyatt share much more than a bed; they also share with one another their fears, joys, insecurities and plans for their future.”

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