B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang wants you to pamper yourself!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and her husband, Alex D’Andrea, recently kicked off a bold and beautiful business venture in Rome, Italy: the Kelly Spa!Soap Opera Weekly: How did you come up with the idea for opening your own spa?

Katherine Kelly Lang: The idea came up because [my husband and I] couldn’t find a spa in Rome when we were there three years ago. We got there and were tired from the flight. We went to try to find a massage. Maybe because of time, we just wanted it right when we wanted it. In L.A., you can go find whatever you want very easily. It wasn’t easy in Italy. I was like, “What? You mean you have to drive outside of Rome?” I thought it was crazy, and that someone should open up a spa right there in the center of Rome. The idea came from that. My husband thought it was such a great idea; he said, “This is something I would love to give you as a gift. If I can make it happen, it will be wonderful.” I said, “Yeah. Go for it. Try.” He’s been working on it for three years.

Weekly: And, lo and behold, it’s happened!

Lang: It was something that was on the back burner. My husband was working in Italy on a food, film and wine festival. That was on the front burner. But the spa started growing bigger and faster than the food, film and wine, and the spa moved to front burner. My husband really started focusing and working on that. We became friends with the proprietors of a family-owned hotel, the Regina Baglioni, a five-star hotel on the best street in Rome: Via Veneto. It’s gorgeous; very high-class, very luxurious. At first, when we thought of doing a spa, we didn’t think of doing it in a hotel. We thought it would be a free-standing spa. It all just came together and was a perfect opportunity. Now, [the owner] wants to expand. He’d like more Kelly Spas in some of his other hotels, and we want to put [them] in other five-star hotels. Alex is working on that right now, for next summer. This was the opening of the first Kelly Spa. It’s going to grow. It’s going to be a brand, and there are going to be Kelly Spas around Italy. Then [we’ll] stretch out into other countries, and possibly L.A.

Weekly: What’s your stamp on the spa? How does it reflect you?

Lang: It’s about well-being. We want to offer you the best services possible, all the best products. I [wrote] a statement that’s in the brochures. We have a spa manager who works for us. He already had spas up and running in Italy. He’s somebody who knows the business. Since we can’t be there every day, we need somebody there doing that for us.

Weekly: What are the treatments like?

Lang: We thought it was very important that whatever location the spa is in would have a signature treatment that was particular to the region. When we open the one on the islands, they’ll use Mediterranean sea salts for the scrubs. If there’s one in Tuscany, it will [feature] olives. In Rome, the signature treatment is made out of grapes and grape seeds. It’s a scrub with grape seeds instead of salt. All the other treatments will be the same, so [the overall experience] will be uniform.

Weekly: Did you try all the treatments yourself?

Lang: Yes. I’ve tried everything. It’s amazing. There’s one hour-and-a-half facial that lifts, plumps and cleans your skin at the same time, done with Carita creams. (They are very high-luxury creams made in Paris.) I love that particular facial. The signature treatment is special. They have all the basics. All the different kinds of scrubs and massages — lomi lomi, hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue, energizing. Manicure/pedicures, waxing and facials. There’s a lot. Rome is the first spa [location], so it’s still small. We want to expand into bigger spas that are more [like] destination spas, like the ones on the islands, because they have all the mineral baths in the really old ancient ones that have been there forever. They’re gorgeous. We already went to some of them. There are mineral baths, Turkish baths, and wet and dry zones, [plus] all the treatments.

Weekly: Do you and Alex frequently go back and forth to Rome?

Lang: We do. I went twice this summer, in July and the beginning of August. And I just went back for the opening. This summer, there was a lot of pitching, selling, seeing and talking to managers and owners.

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