ATWT's Grayson McCouch & GL's Daniel Cosgrove

The scene is an early evening at Pastis in New York City’s meatpacking district. Cosgrove — who has come straight from a long day of work (shooting his first “naked a— scene”) at GL’s midtown studio and is anxious to get home to his wife and kids in Connecticut — waits patiently for McCouch, who confesses in a sheepish phone call that he’s still stuck in a cab uptown. Forty-five minutes later, he arrives; the old friends are so comfortable together that they literally begin talking nonstop from that moment on.After doing a spot-on impression of Grayson’s performance as Dusty on that day’s show, Cosgrove begins with his plan for how to get himself a role on ATWT….Daniel Cosgrove: I’ll be like little Oliver on THE BRADY BUNCH, and my name will be Musty Baker and then everyone will make fun of me and all call me “the jinx.”
Grayson McCouch: You’re going to be a baker as a profession.
Cosgrove (singing): Candlestick maker.
McCouch: And we’ll be laundering whatever through your bakery.
Cosgrove: Ah, it sets up so many possibilities.
McCouch: Doesn’t it though? … First of all, I don’t even know your character’s name over there [Cosgrove is laughing] at GUIDING LIGHT. That doesn’t say much, does it? And here he is doing imitations of me.
Cosgrove (imitating McCouch’s line as Dusty in a low, gravelly voice): “Your capacity for forgiveness is awe-inspiring.”
McCouch: Did you do that on ALL SOULS [the show on which McCouch and Cosgrove met], too? Did you —
Cosgrove: Hey! What are you talking about? I would sit there in front of the mirror and I’d take your lines [imitating McCouch again], “Your capacity for forgiveness is awe-inspiring.”
McCouch: That’s right.
Cosgrove: And then I’d take my lines and do that. [Raising his eyebrows à la McCouch] “Yeah.”
McCouch: Danny said to me, “You know you’ve blossomed when people are doing imitations of you, and I have to tell you, Grayson, I do imitations of you …”
Cosgrove: “… all the time.”
McCouch: Every night.
Cosgrove: Every day. [Both burst into laughter.]
McCouch: In fact, if you do a very careful case study of his work over at GUIDING LIGHT, it’s basically a strong nuance of Dusty without anybody really noticing.
Cosgrove: Without the edge.
McCouch: Which is keeping him in a job. [Cosgrove simultaneously repeats “without the edge” in a higher-pitched voice.]
Cosgrove: It’s a dull Dusty. No edge on that.
McCouch: If you just imitate Dusty over at GUIDING LIGHT, that will probably keep you on the show for a good six years.
Cosgrove: Let’s talk about the rash that I got from the prickly heat riding down here in the cab.
McCouch: You got a heat burn? That comes from sitting down too much, Danny.
Cosgrove: You know what I had to —
McCouch: Tell GUIDING LIGHT to give you a few more pages.

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