Apprentice 3 Update #15

And then there were two…The remaining three APPRENTICE contestants, Craig, Tana and Kendra, participated in the most grueling interviews of their lives — but only Kendra and Tana impressed the respected CEO interviewers. After this information was relayed to Trump, he, of course, sent Craig packing.

So for the first time, there will be a female APPRENTICE. Kendra and Tana returned to the suite and celebrated their victory over champagne and memories from a photo album that accounted their time on the show.

The ladies didn’t have much time to relax, though, because the next morning they were presented with their toughest challenge yet. Kendra was put in charge of the Best Buy Video Game World Championship, while Tana would be heading up the NYC2012 Athlete Challenge. These aren’t jobs that can be done alone, so Trump brought in reinforcements. It was back to Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts as Michael, Danny and Erin walked in to join Kendra’s team, and Brian, Chris and Kristen (or rather, the “Three Stooges” as Tana calls them) joined Tana’s. Problems quickly arose for both teams as they struggled to work together, but to see the outcome, you’ll have to tune in on Thursday, May 12. It’s bound to be explosive during the ultimate battle between Street Smarts and Book Smarts.

Check this space Friday, May 13 for the next update on NBC’s hit reality show.

APPRENTICE 3 Candidate Update

The Final Two:
•Kendra, 26, Boynton Beach, Fla., real estate broker
•Tana, 37, Des Moines, Iowa, sales executive

And the rest:

•Brian, 29, Wildwood, N.J., real estate broker FIRED IN EPISODE 2
•Kristen, 31, Los Angeles, real estate financier FIRED IN EPISODE 4
•Tara, 28, New York City, senior government manager FIRED IN EPISODE 6
•Audrey, 22, Salt Lake City, real estate agent FIRED IN EPISODE 7
•John, 32, Tampa, Fla., technology firm owner FIRED IN EPISODE 8
•Chris, 22, Las Vegas, real estate investor FIRED IN EPISODE 12
•Angie, 41, Lake Balboa, Calif., gym franchise owner FIRED IN EPISODE 11
•Craig, 37, Conley, Ga., shoeshine business owner FIRED IN EPISODE 15

•Todd, 34, Carlsbad, Calif., sales manager FIRED IN EPISODE 1
•Danny, 39, Boston, marketing technology firm owner FIRED IN EPISODE 3
•Verna, 31, Seattle, business manager QUIT IN EPISODE 3
•Michael, 25, Boston, real estate developer FIRED IN EPISODE 5
•Erin, 26, Philadelphia, attorney FIRED IN EPISODE 9
•Stephanie, 29, San Diego, supply chain consultant FIRED IN EPISODE 10
•Bren, 32, Memphis, Tenn., prosecutor FIRED IN EPISODE 13
•Alex, 29, Seattle, prosecutor FIRED IN EPISODE 14

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