Y&R Recaps Week of September 18, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006
Jack and Sharon frolicked in the Caribbean. When she went to an N.V.P. spokesperson appearance, he met with a mysterious business associate.

Kevin congratulated Gloria on the perfume bracelet prototype. Ashley overheard them bashing her, so when Kevin left, Ashley came in and gave Gloria a ton of work to do before the meeting tomorrow. “Bring it on,” challenged Glo. When Ashley left, Gloria went on Kevin’s computer and discovered he’s been reading Jack’s e-mails. She congratulated her son on his ingenuity (illegal though it may be).

Neil demanded that Drucilla keep her next therapy appointment. Neil offered to go with her, so they went together. “My husband fell in love with another woman while I was away,” Dru contended. “We kissed, that’s it,” Neil clarified. “You kissed?!” Dru erupted. She REALLY lost it when Neil threw Malcolm in her face. Then she broke down and started blubbering. “I don’t have any faith in our future,” Neil declared. The doc’s advice? That they stay away from each other for two weeks. He said a cooling-off period could do them both some good, to determine what they really want — and don’t want — to do going forward.

Brad asked Colleen to come celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the family. Nikki stopped by and Victoria introduced her to Brad’s mother, Rebecca. Nikki was honored (but shocked) and called Victor to come over. “You look remarkably healthy for a deceased woman,” Victor quipped when he arrived. Then Brad explained how he’s Jewish. “I knew Brad Carlton wasn’t your real name,” noted Victor. “So what was your given name?” Nikki asked. “George Kaplan,” Brad replied. “Is there anything else we don’t know about?” Nikki pressed. Nada, said Brad. Enter Colleen and J.T. Nikki remained suspicious. She and Victor said their goodbyes, and everyone sat down to dinner as Brad and his mother said the prayer together.

EOE (end of episode), Katherine informed Ashley that a Raaz Cosmetics is involved in Jabot. Hmmm….

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