Y&R Recaps Week of September 18, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006
Jack and Sharon frolicked in the Caribbean. When she went to an N.V.P. spokesperson appearance, he met with a mysterious business associate.

Kevin congratulated Gloria on the perfume bracelet prototype. Ashley overheard them bashing her, so when Kevin left, Ashley came in and gave Gloria a ton of work to do before the meeting tomorrow. “Bring it on,” challenged Glo. When Ashley left, Gloria went on Kevin’s computer and discovered he’s been reading Jack’s e-mails. She congratulated her son on his ingenuity (illegal though it may be).

Neil demanded that Drucilla keep her next therapy appointment. Neil offered to go with her, so they went together. “My husband fell in love with another woman while I was away,” Dru contended. “We kissed, that’s it,” Neil clarified. “You kissed?!” Dru erupted. She REALLY lost it when Neil threw Malcolm in her face. Then she broke down and started blubbering. “I don’t have any faith in our future,” Neil declared. The doc’s advice? That they stay away from each other for two weeks. He said a cooling-off period could do them both some good, to determine what they really want — and don’t want — to do going forward.

Brad asked Colleen to come celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the family. Nikki stopped by and Victoria introduced her to Brad’s mother, Rebecca. Nikki was honored (but shocked) and called Victor to come over. “You look remarkably healthy for a deceased woman,” Victor quipped when he arrived. Then Brad explained how he’s Jewish. “I knew Brad Carlton wasn’t your real name,” noted Victor. “So what was your given name?” Nikki asked. “George Kaplan,” Brad replied. “Is there anything else we don’t know about?” Nikki pressed. Nada, said Brad. Enter Colleen and J.T. Nikki remained suspicious. She and Victor said their goodbyes, and everyone sat down to dinner as Brad and his mother said the prayer together.

EOE (end of episode), Katherine informed Ashley that a Raaz Cosmetics is involved in Jabot. Hmmm….

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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Carmen told Neil that Drucilla violated the restraining order, but she didn’t call the police. She warned that next time, Dru won’t be so lucky. Neil defended Dru, saying she was going to therapy. “I refuse to live in fear,” cried Carmen. “One more incident like last night and she’s going to jail.” Then Carmen changed the subject to Neil’s jazz club. He still wasn’t sure he should make the investment, so she offered to provide his PR if he goes forward with it.

Sharon confided in her new best friend Dru that she’s going away with Jack. “Every time you talk about him you light up like a Christmas tree,” Dru noted. Then Dru left for therapy, to talk about Carmen. The shrink asked Dru to put herself in Carmen’s place. Dru blew up, accusing Carmen of moving in on her husband. “I’m hearing a lot of anger,” the doc offered (rocket scientist!). “When people are in love, don’t they do crazy things?” Dru cried. “Can I go, please? Can I go?” she added hysterically. She went to the GCAC, where she ran into Neil. “That was a big waste of time. I’m not going back to Sigmund Freud,” Dru vowed.

Victor thanked Nick for helping fix the lamp. Neil stopped by and asked Victor to check something out with him — his jazz club space. Victor was concerned Neil would resign from Newman Enterprises if he pursues his jazz club dream. Neil assured Victor that he would stay on at Newman. Neil didn’t want any start-up money from Victor, either, just his blessing. But he WOULD have to sell the jet Victor gave him months before. Victor was surprised, but still gave his blessing.

Gloria returned from her business trip and was still on cloud nine when she joined Katherine and Jill for lunch. Glo proudly unveiled the prototype for her perfume jewelry. The gals were impressed by Glo’s numbers, so they gave the project the green light. They toasted the venture, just as Jack and Ashley walked in and spotted them. When they came over, Jill boasted that Gloria’s trip went wonderfully. Ashley picked the bracelet idea apart, but Kay and Jill were sold. “Don’t get cocky,” Jack warned his ex-stepmother.

End of episode, Nick spied Sharon leaving with Jack on their N.V.P. trip to Antigua.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Victor suffered another seizure. Nikki sat with him and assured him they will get through this together. Jack stopped by to check on Victor; Nikki overhead them talking about the Jabot takeover and was suspicious. Later, she ripped into Jack for asking Victor to loan him the money. Jack insisted he cares (!) about Victor. “You’re using him,” spat Nikki.

Phyllis wondered if she should cancel her trip since Victor isn’t well; Nick said no. Phyllis also wondered if something is up with Jack. Then she met him, Carmen and Sharon for an N.V.P. meeting (hmmm, didn’t Jack recently sleep with ALL THREE of those women?). After the meeting, Jack asked Sharon to join him in the Caribbean for the opening of one of their retreats. Afterward, Jack went to meet with the business associate who’s going to be his cover in his bid to take over Jabot.

Carmen caught up with Neil in the elevator and reported that Dru has been steering clear. Dru called in sick because she was sick over the whole Carmen situation. Sharon came home and tried to get Dru to go to dinner. Dru asked Sharon how she dealt with it when she learned Nick was sleeping with “that tramp Phyllis.” Sharon offered a pep talk that got Dru off the couch and dressed to go. Meanwhile, at Newman, Phyllis bonded with Carmen when Phyllis helped her clean a stain on her top. Carmen revealed that she got a protective order against Dru. “To my knowledge, she’s never boiled any bunnies,” offered Phyllis when Carmen asked if Dru is dangerous. Back at the ranch, Neil showed up to see Dru. She was on her best behavior, even complimenting him on his nice sweater. He was actually very nice to her and encouraged her to feel better.

Neil asked Nick when he knew the time was right to walk away from his marriage. Nick asked Neil what’s going on with Dru. Neil swore he wasn’t cheating on Dru with Carmen…but also admitted that he and Carmen “aren’t just business associates” either.

EOE (end of episode), Carmen warned Dru to stay out of her way!
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Victoria tried to make Brad feel better about the reliquary debacle and what happened to his mother. “I’m sorry for involving you in this,” George/Brad sighed. He was worried about his missing mom, but was avoiding talking about it. Now that she knows about his past, Victoria urged him to talk to her more openly, so she could help him emotionally. Brad appreciated her concern, but continued to shut her out.

Victor suffered another spell. When Nick stopped by, Victor asked him to help fix the lamp. “I’ll get the toolbox,” he said. Nick made a crack about Nikki being afraid Victor will come after her with one of the tools (ha ha). Victor got a throbbing headache as they tried to repair the lamp, so he went up to bed to rest. “Oh, no,” Nikki sighed. Nick noted that his coordination was off and that they need to keep an eye on him. At the top of the stairs, Victor stopped and looked disoriented.

Nick left and went to the GCAC. He spotted Victoria in a corner and joined her. Victoria shared that Brad is having a hard time opening up to her, and that Brad’s mother is missing. Nick asked if Brad is spending time with Sharon outside of work. “That’s not the issue,” Victoria retorted. Nick was convinced Brad is capable of anything, and urged his sis to divorce him while she still can.

Also at the GCAC, Drucilla overheard some women gossiping about her and Neil and stormed off. Meanwhile, Lily chewed out some customers at Crimson Lights who were also trashing Dru. “My mother is a lady. She would outclass your mother and yours any day,” Lily hissed. When Colleen came to Lily’s aid, one of them dropped a comment about Colleen’s weight. Dru came to Crimson Lights, where she had small talk with Lily (who didn’t tell her about the earlier incident). Lily went home and worried with Daniel. He was glad that she was concerned about her mother at all, since a few months ago Lily wanted to disown her.

End of episode, Brad came home to find his mother and Paul in his living room (welcome, Lorna Raver), and Nikki came downstairs to find Victor having a seizure.
Monday, September 18, 2006
Michael and Kevin plotted against Jack (who was bummed that Katherine wouldn’t sell him Jabot). Kevin came up with a way to fight as dirty as Jack has: He hacked into Jack’s computer. “So anytime Jack goes online, we’ll know about it,” Michael concluded. Katherine interrupted them, but Kevin covered by confusing her with geeky computer speak.

Victor came through the surgery just fine, but, as Nikki noted, it was too soon to tell if it was a success. Victor had to wait on the judge to decide to release him from the hospital. In the next scene (so much for recovering from surgery), Victor appeared in court. Victor’s doctor took the stand first, saying the prognosis was “good.” Then Victor took the stand, saying he was mortified that he pointed a gun at his wife, but that he behaved that way because of the medication. Before the judge could rule, Nikki leapt up to add her heartfelt two cents on her husband’s behalf. Finally, the judge ruled — Victor was free to go home. Victor went home and played with the dog.

Devon flirted with fellow students at Crimson Lights as Daniel, Lily and Colleen talked about their fall class schedule. Colleen clashed with a new guy. She later realized he was the professor of the art class she was taking (of course). Colleen found him arrogant, yet she argued that she wanted to keep his class.

Jack told Billy it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if Katherine sold Jabot to a third party; Jack could then buy Jabot from that company. Billy agreed to fish for info by talking to Katherine. She didn’t give up too much information, except that she would sell if there weren’t a downside. Billy ran back to Jack and told him what he found out. Jack quickly called a business associate and began plotting the takeover.

EOE (end of episode), Victor’s head hurt. Uh-oh….
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