William deVry On GH Gig

William deVry JPI

On July 30, William deVry (ex-Michael, AMC; ex-Storm, B&B) will make his GH debut in the contract role of Derek Wells. Some fans speculated that he might be on the verge of returning to AMC as Michael's ghost, as his character's daughter, Miranda, has yet to learn that she is the result of Michael's rape of Bianca. “I wouldn’t have done ALL MY CHILDREN in that capacity just because I’ve been doing so much prime-time," he tells Digest. "I wouldn’t have been interested in doing that. But a four-year contract with a show that’s on an upswing with a new regime, I’d definitely go for that!” The GH gig, he says, "was perfect for me. I’d always missed doing daytime, missed that pace. I feel really fortunate. I have a really good, strong character with a lot of options who is in the thick of things right away, as soon as he gets into town."

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