Who's Your Daddy? Page 2


1) Although he was adopted and raised by Tony Jones, Lucas’s bio dad is
deceased mobster Julian Jerome.

2) Raised by his late Uncle Stefan, who he thought of as a father figure,
Nik’s dad is actually the presumed-dead Stavros Cassadine.

3) Victor Collins.

4) Though close to her Uncle Lorenzo, the late Sage was the daughter of
his deceased brother, Luis.

5) Deceased con artist Cody McCall is Samantha’s father.

6) Tracy’s ex-husband, Paul Hornsby (who married her because he was
ordered to by a secret cartel), is Dillon’s absentee pop.

7) Karen’s father is Scott Baldwin, although she didn’t learn his
identity until her wedding day to Jagger.

8) Edward Quartermaine’s illegitimate late son, Bradley, was Justus’s

9) When he came to town in 1999, Juan was convinced that Sonny Corinthos
was his biological father. However, Juan later learned that his true dad
is hospital intern-turned-rock singer Miguel Morez.

10) The late Zander’s dad was eccentric shrink Cameron Lewis, who
perished in the Port Charles Hotel Fire in 2004.

8-10 correct: Congratulations. You should be working for the PCPD.
4-7 correct: Not bad. You know your PC family trees.
0-3 correct: Go back to Genoa City!

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