Vintage GUIDING LIGHT Weddings Gallery

Soon after Ben and Eve became engaged in 1977, Eve lost her sight due to a rare disease known as Blake-Carney Syndrome. The two proceeded with their wedding plans until Eve was held captive by the deranged Georgene Granger. Ben rescued his fiancee, and the two happily tied the knot. Soon after, Eve underwent surgery and regained her vision
Rita came to town in 1975, and after a quick fling with Tim Ryan, she pursued an unhappily married Ed. Once Ed divorced Holly and Rita was charged with Malcolm Granger’s murder, Bauer proposed. During the trial, Rita’s past with Roger Thorpe came to light, which caused Ed to question whether marrying her would be a good idea. Ed started looking toward his ex-wife, Holly, but his presumed-dead father’s reappearance caused Ed to hit the bottle again. He soon sobered up, and he and Rita finally walked down the aisle.

Elizabeth longed to be with Mike Bauer, but her son, Phillip, hated him so much (thanks to Alan corrupting the young boy’s mind) that Phillip’s heart condition would continue to flare up. Justin proposed, and Elizabeth, hoping to give Phillip a decent father figure, accepted.