Tuesday Fast Five With Rena Sofer

What is your most useless talent? “Fire walking. I used to work with Tony Robbins back in the ’80s and so after the seminar, we would all walk the fires as a group. So, I put it on my resumé, which has never come up. No one has ever said to me, ‘Fire walking. Oh, Rena Sofer. She’d be perfect [laughs].’ ”

What was your most emotional storyline on B&B? “Hope losing her baby [in 2014]. Quinn felt so much guilt about that.”

Which co-star do you think would make a great acting teacher? “Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge]. That’s because he doesn’t have a problem jumping in and going, ‘No, that doesn’t work. Let’s figure this out,’ and appreciatively so.”

What subject do you have the most photos of on your phone? “I have more pictures of my ceramics and my dogs than I do my children, but only because I don’t get to see my children all the time.”

What trend makes you feel old? “I hate it when people like a message on social media and their way of telling you is ‘Like’. Instead of texting back ‘Great’ or ‘Okay’, they ‘like’ your message. Can we shorthand communication with each other even more than we already have? Yes, I am 500 years old.”