Tuesday Fast Five With John McCook

What is your favorite movie soundtrack? “I like all of John Williams’s stuff. He has a style that is so recognizable and big.”

Who do you want to see next in concert? “I very much look forward to seeing the L.A. Philharmonic; I used to go see them two or three times a year. I’ve been watching them online and staying in touch online, but I look forward to going back down to Disney Hall to see them.”

What scent reminds you of your childhood? “Orange blossoms. I grew up in Ventura [CA] and when they blossomed, it was a great smell.”

What is your most dreaded household chore? “I don’t like to vacuum. I really don’t. I have chores I enjoy doing but I don’t like vacuuming, and the dog doesn’t like it, either.”

What’s always in your refrigerator? “Pepperoncinis. The yellow because they’re not hot. I have those with a lot of sandwiches.”