Tidings Of Comfort And Oy! Page 2

Because of the rocky state of their relationship in 1999, Blake (Elizabeth Keifer) didn’t tell Ross (Jerry verDorn) that she was pregnant with his child. She stayed hidden at the Bauer cabin, but when she emerged for Ben’s funeral, Ross glimpsed her pregnant belly. Blake lied that he wasn’t the dad, and Ross believed her until he pieced together that he was indeed the pop. Ross rushed to the Bauer cabin just in time to deliver their daughter, Clarissa, on Christmas Day.
In order to protect Beth (then-Judi Evans) from her abusive stepfather, Phillip (Grant Aleksander) whisked her away to the Big Apple in 1983. With the help of a sidewalk Santa, the runaway teens found shelter at a halfway house on Christmas Day. Even after the holidays, Nick managed another miracle when he helped friends Rick (Michael O’Leary) and Mindy (Krista Tesreau) locate the duo.

In 1977, Mike (Don Stewart with Lezlie Dalton as Elizabeth) discovered that his presumed-dead father, Bill, was very much alive and living out of the country. Mike confronted his dad and blasted him for abandoning the family. Bill didn’t want to ruin Christmas, so he begged Mike to keep silent until after the New Year. Mike agreed, but wasn’t a happy camper when he sang the annual carols on Christmas Day.

Roger’s eye roamed Amanda’s (Toby Poser) way in 1996 when he realized that she was his ticket into Spaulding Enterprises. Alan’s (Ron Raines) fury over Roger’s machinations intensified as Amanda refused to heed any of his warnings about her suitor. In hopes of breaking up their union, Alan had Amanda arrested on Christmas Day for tax evasion.

Every year until his death, H.B. (Larry Gates) would read his favorite Christmas story to his family. Young and old alike cherished this special time with the Lewis patriarch. Also pictured: Jordan Clarke (Billy) and Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa)