The Inside Scoop On GH’s Franco/Drew Twist


Credit: Walt Disney Television/Valerie Durant

Thanks to Dr. Cabot and Shiloh, the contents of the flash drive loaded with Drew’s memory map have found a new home inside Franco’s brain, and he has emerged from the procedure a changed man. According to newly retired Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman, the writers chose Franco to be the flash drive recipient because “he was the perfect person … It gives us so much story thereafter for so many different characters.” Portrayer Roger Howarth gives the plot a thumbs-up, noting, “It presents a really good obstacle for the Franco/Elizabeth relationship and I think obstacles are really important and in the end, really rewarding.” “I’m excited!” Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) says. “I think it’s really great [story] for Elizabeth to have this man she loves not be there and just be a shell.” For much more on the story, including what Howarth says he did for the first time in his soap career as he began playing Franco-as-Drew, check out the next issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale Friday.