Tammy Lauren: Acting Tough

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Detective Maggie can clearly hold her own, but portrayer Tammy Lauren enjoys showing her softer side.

“Women who act as tough as Maggie are probably more scared of things than others,” contends Lauren. “It’s such a boys’ club on any police force that the women I’ve seen in law enforcement have to be tougher than the average woman. It’s a defense mechanism.”

After hours, however, is another matter. “When they’re with the guys they’re into, they get to show their girly side,” Lauren notes. That’s why she likes Maggie with Paul. “She has her two sides and that makes it more fun to play. One side would be boring.”

Almost as boring as a perfect romance: Luckily, the honeymoon is over for Maggie and her PI. “It’s going to get complicated, which is way cooler than straight romance,” teases Lauren. “The whole relationship, it’s been work that’s kept them together. Now all this information comes out — like Heather!

“That was a bombshell: If my boyfriend told me he had a grown daughter that didn’t know about him, I’d freak out,” she admits. “It would make me think twice about him. And Paul still has a few more surprises he’s getting ready to drop on Maggie.”

In the meantime, Maggie has her hands full at work. Having cleared money-stealing stooges Kevin, Amber and Daniel, and put Phyllis and Jana behind bars, Maggie is now knee-deep in Ji Min’s murder investigation. She’s also still determined to solve the case of the tainted Jabot cream.

“When I joined the show, it was just for the Carmen Mesta murder mystery and then I’d be done,” Lauren muses. “Since then? There are so many damn criminals in Genoa City that it’s kept me busy!”

Paul’s Paternity Secret Explained!
Paul Williams wasn’t always a stand-up guy when it came to the ladies. When he knocked up April Stevens in 1979, the young cad asked her to put their baby up for adoption. She kept it instead and even landed Paul in 1981, when baby Heather fell deathly ill. After Heather recovered, however, the couple divorced. April moved their daughter to New York, Paul gave up his parental rights and Heather grew up believing her stepfather Robert was her real father. April and Heather didn’t resurface again until the 90s and it took a few visits before Paul and Christine figured out April was being abused by her husband. She ultimately returned to Robert for her daughter’s sake, only to kill him when he turned his aggression on Heather. April was charged with murder, but Christine quickly cleared her name, citing self-defense. Paul hoped the Stevens ladies would stick around after that. Instead, they left Genoa City again for a fresh start. Now that Heather is back in Genoa City as the Assistant DA, it’s just a matter of time before Paul reveals himself. Unfortunately, she probably won’t take the news well, considering what she recently told him: “My real father hasn’t even cared enough to get to know me.” The self-professed cynic has also said she has no interest in meeting him. So good luck, Paul!

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