Starr Attraction

Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL) talks to Soap Opera Weekly about Starr’s current heartache and her hopes for the future.Soap Opera Weekly: It’s sad that Cole is off to Statesville.

Kristen Alderson: She is losing Cole from her life forever — well, for 10 years — and she has to raise Hope on her own. It’s life-changing.

Weekly: Does she turn to Blair or any of the Cramer women for comfort?

Alderson: Blair is, of course, there for Starr, but she can’t get past it. No matter what she’s trying to do or whatever anyone tries to do for her, it’s [reached] the point where she can’t get over it.

Weekly: What’s the deal with James?

Alderson: I find it really interesting — when Starr was so torn apart when Cole was taking drugs, she really leaned on Schuyler, her teacher. He was a friend, but she was also sort of attracted to him. I feel James [has] stepped into that role for her right now.

Weekly: She threw herself at her teacher back then.

Alderson: That’s along the same lines as what happens now with James.

Weekly: Although James is more age-appropriate for her than Schuyler.

Alderson: Right — which makes it more difficult, because unlike Schuyler, this is what James wants. Schuyler did not want to get with Starr at any point. He felt feelings for her like a friend. He cared about her, but James not only cares about Starr; he really does have feelings for her and wants to be with her.

Weekly: Starr seems to be coping in the same way Blair has coped with things in the past.

Alderson: It kind of reminds me of Blair. When Blair is very distraught, she sometimes has sex. It’s “Please let me forget, help me forget, let’s do this so I can forget.” It’s so the wrong way to go. Starr’s just lucky that she has had two men in the past who have helped her, not taken advantage of her.

Weekly: How was it saying goodbye to Brandon [Buddy, Cole]?

Alderson: It was such an emotional week for me. Brandon leaving the show and us saying goodbye — and Brandon was actually leaving New York that week. I had to deal with it in real life. Then I had to go on-set and bawl my eyes out. I felt like I was kind of going insane by the end of filming the scenes.